perjantai 9. huhtikuuta 2010

Mini-free day and an award :)

Got an award from Ingrid, Thank you very much :)

Now I get to pass it to five bloggers, so here it goes :)

Glenda at will have an special award for her attempts to avoid to start building the houses - "A kick in the butt"-award, maybe it will get her going :D I WANT TO SEE SOME HOUSES GIRL :D

I had today a mini-free day, was supposed to do some stuff, but after cleaning the whole house - I washed the floors by hand, yak - I was so tired so I decided to watch a movie and eat some nachos :) Tomorrow I'll try  to get something done, I have some cooking to do for Sunday, but there should be time for minies as I have a stable free morning :) I decided finally what I'll do - an aspargagus-minced meat-Emmentaler casserole, green salad, Greek cucumber slices and mandarin-raisin salad. For dessert we'll have Devil's Food cake filled with berry cream. And some sausage rolls for the kids.  Now some blog hopping and then to bed, have a fab weekend you all :)


4 kommenttia:

  1. Sounds delitious! I love this kicking award! :)))

  2. Hahahaha!!
    Good one, Ira!!
    Guess I'll be eating bread and water until I at least dust the cobwebs off the houses.
    Enjoy your day! :-P


  3. Be careful that you wont get buried under the dust and cobwebs... :p


  4. Is it too late to invite myself over for dinner? It sounds so delicious...