keskiviikko 14. huhtikuuta 2010

Finally I got some minies done :)

Here's what I've done today and hopefully will still get something done.

Those sticks are supposed to be some kind of medieval weapons and underneath are woolen throws.
Now a cup of coffee (and a cig) and them some more minies :o)

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  1. Thank you for visiting and of course I will post a picture of the bird!!!!
    And don't worry about buying items; you make so much lovely your self!!!
    Take care!
    Synnøve x

  2. The country recipe books are fantastic!
    Very Good Job!

  3. Thank you both :)

    Synnøve - well, some of it, but I want so really, really well done minies like Kiva's fruit and those lovely pottery items and statues and glassware and, and... I'm a greedy little thing :D

    Thoug I've spent some money on ThreeFeather's books, I'm really waiting to get them :) And I love the stuff in Minst, especially the black chandelier but 110 euros for a minilight is way out of my budget at least right now - I'm getting 3 more houses latest next week... :D

  4. Oh, so cute -- I love the jug and flowers and the weapons!

    I'm feeling greedy at the moment, too -- I have loads of stuff coming my way from eBay auctions, so I'll have lots of little parcels to open! Just little things, for the most part, though, so I don't feel too guilty :)

    Do you have a link to the black chandelier? -- the very description makes it sound divine!

  5. I love your books, the recipe ones best of all. I know what it means when you see beautiful things on the net; my hands hitch ;o) But thankfully I only own a prepaid card and I have to recharge it at the Mail office. I made all I could to be unconfortable;it's a great way for saving (giggle on myself) Rosanna

  6. You'd be able to tickle your enemy to death with those medieval weapons. The pitcher and recipe books are great.

  7. I love the books! The weapons are really cool!!! What are those metal tips you attached to them??? Isn't that the greatest pattern for the pitcher! Your flowers look wonderful in it.
    WOW! Did you weave that fabric under the weapons? It looks hand made.

  8. Nina, I don't know if I want to give the link to you as you go and buy it and then I'll be green with envy... :D No, here it is

    I'm also getting a lot of packages, but most of them are for building purposes, although I've gotten some nice minies, I have to take some pics tomorrow :)

    Rosanna - thanks :) Well, I don't have a prepaid card and it has way too high credit limit... dangerous!

    Margaret - LOL :D Well, you could think that they are for killing in a humane way :D No, I wanted to add something on the other end also and didn't have anything silver coloured so I went for ostrich feahters.

  9. Catherine - The metal tips are studs from dog collars, I have bunch of them if you need some :) And oh yeah, I'm a little weaver wizard - not! They are cut from a real woolen blanket which happened to be thing enough - what wouldn't you sacrifice in name of minies? Now I have quite a lot for making MANY woolen throws :D

  10. It's all so great Ira :) Re the medieval weapons, are you sure they're not a new and improved design for witch travel? I'm sure the feathers on the end would by more aerodynamic that the usual twigs on a broom ;)

  11. Okay, I'll have to think about this - I'm not going to be a weapon designer :D And you're so right, of course the feathers are better than twigs and the spiky metal tip might come quite handy for a witch if their steering is off and they would crash a wall - a wall breaker broom :D

    I'll have to make one for my witches house, those two are going to Glenda, she can either decide whether tickle some people to death or learn to fly :D

  12. Wonderful minis Ira!
    By the way, I have an award for you...

    Mini hugs

  13. Enhorabuena!!!!
    Un trabajo precioso!!!
    besitos ascension

  14. Love the books they are so chic.

  15. In answer to your answer to my comment - I can't stop laughing - I've said it before and I'm sure I'll say it again, Ira your sense of humour is just wonderful!! I've suddenly got images of witches on brooms they can't control (because they're so much faster than the old design) crashing into walls and mountain tops all over the unseen world!! Thank goodness you put the pointy bits on the end!! I'm sure that when Glenda sees them she'll think 'weapon' and wonder why there is all this nonsense about witches' brooms ;)

  16. wow! I love the medieval weapons most of all- but everything is so great! The little pitcher turned out just perfect!