maanantai 5. huhtikuuta 2010

Toscana house has stairs :D

Here's todays constructions, got the stairs done and dirtied the walls as well the kitchen floor

Where the railing ends begins a wall. If I manage, I will build a bookcase under the stairs on the livingroom. Still pondering between stone and wood for the livingroom. But I got some guidelines decided - the house is situated in Italy, in the Toscana area but app. 30 minutes drive from the sea, east coast - shorter drive to Venetzia :D So, now I need all kinds of Italian things - have been hunting for a Bialetti espresso pan and cups, but can't find any. I also need some pasta, ravioli, seafood, tomatoes, auberines, zuccini, garlic, Italian oval shaped tomatoes and other veggies, pizza, prosciutto, coppa, salami (I prefer Milanese, with fennel), salsiccia, lasagne, antipasto, duck liver pastasauce, basilikum, oregano, rosemary, olive oil,  biscotti, panettone for Christmas - now I'm hungry :D And a mini pastamachine would be fab!

I got some lights done also, a ceiling one for kitchen and two wall lights for the livingroom

After making the lights I realized that I had ordered wrong kinds of bulbs and I didn't have anything to test if the lights work. And if I couldn't test them, I couldn't build the rest of the walls as I put the wires inside the walls. Until a small bulb lighted in my head - I got one Christmas light carlands bulb and with it I could test the lights - and they all worked :D If I have time tomorrow (we're going to my dad's place for a dinner - deer roast and potatoes) I'll do a ceiling light for the livingroom.

Now a cup of coffee and then better hit the bed as I have to do the stables in the morning.

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  1. I love watching this develop!
    The fireplace hanging in mid-air looks like a fantasy art setting, or something from a dream.

    The Tom Pouce site sure is full of good stuff - thanks for the reference, Ira.


  2. This is fascinating to me. While I have bulit many roomboxes and one rather large house, I find your method of construction very intriguing and I am enjoying the experience of following it.

  3. great job so far Ira well done

  4. Thanks girls :) Glenda - I like the hanging fireplace also, I've been looking at it and it would be nice to do a total fantasy house with strange things or alternatively a abandoned house with collapsed walls, floors etc.

    I'm building the house in such order that I get one wall ready with all the stuff as it's so much easier to work without all the walls in place :) I've gotten many ideas from Lea Frisoni like the staircase, kitchen light and the room order for the bathroom and bedroom. I've been reading her book over and over and it's the best dollhouse book I've seen :)

    Now off to shovel some horse sh*t, really don't feel like it.

  5. Love the stone stairs with the iron railing. I also like the iron curtain rods above the windows. They really fit the Italian style you're after. Nice lights too, especially the ceiling one for the kitchen.

  6. Everything looks great! I love the fact that you are making your own light fixtures too.

  7. I like your lamps! Have a nice horse ride!

  8. Thank you all for your kind words :)