torstai 8. huhtikuuta 2010

Toscana House got a new wall and livingroom flooring

I've been a bit slower with my minies as I decided yesterday watch some TV for the first time in a month :D So, here's what I've done in the past days, don't mind the warping wall, as it will (hopefully) straighten when I attach the ceiling.

The floor is iron-on strips, which are my new favorites for floor material, so easy to apply and cut :) I stained the floor with 3 different colours of acrylics.

Tomorrow I'll do the livingroom fireplace and ceiling lighting (hopefully) and if I'm really productive, I'll cut the another outer wall and ceiling. I should though be cleaning the house as we have visitors coming on Sunday, so some major cooking ahead - food for 20 people and I don't have the slightest idea what to do.

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  1. It looks great! You have done so much work. I can't believe how fast your are.

  2. Nice job so far Ira!:) Great floor in the room and love the shape of the bookcase in the wall! These greay pieces of furniture look sooo nice!

  3. The colours look really good, the feature wallpaper provides a nice contrast, very chic and the bookshelf under the stairs is very handy use of space. Love to see the next stage.

  4. Ira, it's looking great! You are a magician with colour!!
    I just love the way you are making it from the inside out.
    I spent yesterday making potion bottles, baskets and working out new trays. I haven't forgotten that I said I'd get my dollhouse out . . .


  5. Thanks again for your nice words :)

    Glenda - I have to work it inside out, as I'm so afraid to start with the exterior - same thing with the Bakkery - I'm sure I'll mess up something while doing it :D I've been looking at many dollhouses and it's really difficult to decide how I want the houses to look.

    And you better get the houses out and up! :D


  6. Es preciosa me gusta muchisimo el resultado y la combinacion de los colores. Por mi malo nivel de ingles (no entiendo muchas palabras) y el traductor de Google no me ayuda mucho,no entiendo muy bien como ha realizado el suelo.... pero se ve perfecto¡¡¡

    Trabaja muy bien y muy rapido¡¡¡

    Un abrazo

  7. It's looking fabulous! I really like the stone floor effect.

  8. Me encanta Cómo está quedando. Felicidades.

  9. Hello Ira and thank you for the nice comment on my blog!!
    I haven't been a good blogger or a blog-friend lately but I am working on it... LOL. Easter was all about family and Victoria :)
    I am so impressed, some of you ladies has a enormous work capacity when it comes to minis ( probably for a lot of other stuff too..what do I know!!! lol:)I love the idea of a grey scaled house. And I like the way you furnish with the gustavian elements incorporated to a more temporary style!
    And the dinner for 20 people; I would go for a chicken stew, easy to make in a big pan. And I believe chickens are quite cheap too, when you buy them uncocked!! Serve with rice!!!
    Good luck anyway :-)
    Synnøve :)

  10. I got an award for you, you can pick him on my blog

    groetjes Ingrid