tiistai 20. huhtikuuta 2010

Got some new houses

Yesterday I went to pick up my new houses - the Greenleaf Primrose, Orchid and Lily and OMG - they sure have tons of pieces! The Primrose and Orchid probably will be quite ok to do, but the Lily - really don't know if I'm able to put it together...

I was also a bit dissapointed of the quality - some of the plywood sheets are a bit warped and there's a lot of sanding to be done as all the edges are quite rough. Also the wood is so thin, that it I'm probably going to break many of the pieces. I'll have to start with the Orchid and see how the pieces fit together and how much warping is going to happen when painting etc. them. The Lily will be staying in the package for a LONG time and if building the smaller houses is a pain in the butt, I'll consider selling it.

Well, they were cheap ones, so one can't expect any wonderful quality :)

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  1. Woohoo Ira! A lot of work ahead!... But I am sure the results will be wonderful!

    Mini hugs

  2. I understand you.As I already have written you I have the Arthur.
    When I have opened the box I didn't know whether to cry or to howl.I don't put still there the hands.
    I want to end the initiated houses before because I believe that the Arthur will destroy me the nerves.Think about thing must be the Bacon Hill!!!!
    Give me news of your developments.
    Sonya kisses

  3. I have one house from Greenleaf The gloucester house...we needed 2 pairs of hands to put it together and lots of tape...but the houses are really beautiful when they are built, so I wish you success with yours and they going to be great!

  4. I am very curious what do they look like!

  5. There are lot of fascination projects ahead of you!

  6. Wow, three houses! It sounds like they'll be challenging -- I hope the initial stages go well and you can make it all work out :)

  7. I have an Orchid kit under my bed waiting for me- I look forward to seeing how yours turns out.

  8. I have the Orchid too, such a tiny little cottage, I will also have one other and much bigger! They look wonderful once they are completed though! :o))

    We can't buy Greenleaf and Corona houses in the UK so I will have to get mine sent over from the USA. The Orchid my Sister bought me when she lived in America.

    Michelle xx

  9. I've seen a couple of the Greenleaf houses and they look lovely, much more detailed than the ones I've seen available in the UK (maybe I'm looking in the wrong place?!?).
    I look forward to seeing how your houses turn out.
    Emma x

    Michelle - Elora Dollshouses is a UK company that import the Greenleaf houses by the looks of it. It might be cheaper than getting one sent over???

  10. I know how you feel. I have a Sid Cooke house that keeps looking at me from its box and I am dreading opening it!

  11. And I can't even get Joanna's Victoria's Farmhouse finished up! I did finally post pix of the goodies you sent us on my blog today! Can't wait to put them in their proper places!


  12. Ira, 3 houses???! LOL. I have also heard some people complain about the quality of Greenleaf but when I look at pictures of completed houses, they always look so good. Well, if the quality is not so good then they are perfect candidates for some good bashing :). Enjoy!!

  13. Thanks for the encouragement girls :) The main thing that bothers me is how thing the sheets are, I have to figure out how to make them thicker as they look too thin for the real world - we'll they are in mini world, but still.

    Sans - yes, 3, I actually ordered 4, but did a wise thing and sold one of them to my friend. And yes, some bashing is going to happen for sure at least with the two smaller houses. Which I don't have a clue what to make of them :D