sunnuntai 18. huhtikuuta 2010

Choco cakes, witches safety aerodynamic wall breaker broom and some other minies

I did a couple of chocolate cakes, here are close ups of them so you can see the texture of the salt dough. The salt chrystals are really visible in these macro pics, but don't stand out that much for the naked eye.

Here's my aerodynamic wall breaker broom with ostrich feathers :)
Some Italian food packages with my potatoes
Soda siphon, a statue, thorpy, thread and an ashtray
 Bakkery's kitchen has gotten a fridge and some other small nick nacks
The shop area has gotten a new counter, have to paint it, the bakings are just stuffed to the shelving out of way

Next week I have to do some more work on the houses, they have been quite negleted for the last week.

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  1. That rich cake! the house is beautiful, I love the kitchen and the store. A kiss

  2. Okay, the broom made me laugh out loud!

    The kitchen and shop look so fresh and clean. I love the red and white floor in the shop, and the whole effect is charming in the extreme. I'd love to shop there (especially if you were selling those chocolate cakes :)

  3. I think you make the minis as well as you bake the real thing! I am very curious about salt dough. They make the cakes look very realistic but do they last? And since salt dough is food, will they attract insects and pests?

    The rooms are looking really nice and busy,exactly the kind I love. After some plants, these rooms will look totally cosy!

  4. The salt dough can be dried in oven or it also dries by itself and it comes hard like clay. It lasts for ever, the only thing not good for it is getting wet. I haven't hear that any problems with insects etc.,only dogs :D but I don't know how it would be in real humid climate. You have to try it, the good thing about it that it's virtually no cost :) You can also varnish it, I'm going to varnish a couple of the cakes to see if it changes the smell so that the dogs aren't interested in them. Hope so :)

  5. I never thought of using salt dough, what a great idea! I wouldn't have thought it would work that well but your baking certainly proves otherwise.
    The Bakery looks great and the kitchen above, looks so homely - a lovely house.

  6. Muchisimas gracias, eres muy atenta.
    La cocina te esta quedando genial, llena de detallitos preciosos y tu tienda va a ser una maravilla, solo hay que ver todos los trabajos que estas haciendo en ella.
    El colibri, esta hecho en sculpey.
    Me alegro que te haya gustado.
    besitos ascension

  7. The italian food are great.
    I have them in 1:1 in my kitchen!
    Very great job!
    I like red!

  8. Yummy, your chocolate cake is very tempting.
    Your potatoes look great.

  9. Beautiful the red and white checkered floor and the bottle of soda, very original.
    What a beautiful house :-)