keskiviikko 21. huhtikuuta 2010

Some progress in Toscana Kitchen and ideas for the new houses :)

Here's some small progress that has happened in the Toscana kitchen today. The gas cooker got some knobs, did a hanging rail for kitchen utensilities, a balsa wood cutting board (needs still a knife), got a quite (very) rustic sink done (it's made from Cernit and really didn't turn out how I would liked it to be, but it will do), got the tabs on place, did a soap holder and also some dried herbs (it's actually wild oregano from Crete, quite tasty stuff).

Also did some organizing in the living room, the fern on the windowsill is new, it turned out quite nicely :) I did use some ready mini fern leaves to it. I dropped so many things and knocked down the side table so many times when organizing stuff that now on I'll secure most of the stuff with Tacky wax so they keep in place :)

And yes, I've now made up my mind with the Orchid, it's going to be mainly Poe's Raven house, but might get some influence from other sources - Poe's homes have been quite plain and simple and I'll see if I can keep it that way - most probably not as I love to stuff the houses :D

And I finally found a place where to buy some architectural cardboard, the stuff that they use in their miniature house models. So, some cardboard coming by post :) And that means... ANOTHER HOUSE :D Yes, you read correctly, I'm going to build a fourth house simultaneously with the Bakkery, Toscana house and Poe. It's going to be a NY 1 bedroom apartment on the top floor in a red brick house. The interior will be wood, whites, beiges and bottle green. It will be almost a exact copy of a French interior designers work, but I'll releave him later on, see how well I get the house done :) The apartement that I'm taking the inspiration is actually located in Paris, but I will move it to NY as I love the old apartment buildings there. It's going to be hard work as there are so many things that need to be done from scratch, the most difficult thing will be the spiral staircase.

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  1. Do you have the link for the cardboard (that is if it's available to buy in the UK).

    LOL Another house! lol You see it IS catching! LOL Spiral staircase...hmm yes, not easy but lovely omce complete, but will send you mad! lol ;oP

    Michelle xx

  2. Pero que trabajadora estas!!!!
    Esta haciendo un monton de proyectos y ya tienes pensado empezar el proximo, no me pienso perder ese apartamento, seguro que te queda genial.
    Me encantan los arreglos que has hecho en tu casita, el color que desprende tu casa es una maravilla!!!!
    besitos ascension

  3. You are surely never going to be short of something to do! I really like the NY apartment idea. And really like how the Tuscan kitchen is deveoping, that floor is GREAT!

  4. Great kitchen!!! And I am impressed of your capacity to manage to work with so many houses at one time !!!
    Synnøve :)

  5. Thank you all :) Synnove, well, it's me, I get bored doing the same thing for a long time so it's nice that I can change the house when I feel like it :D But notice, none of my houses have still anything done on the exterior, which I put off as long as possible :D

  6. Michelle, I translated it (it's in Finnish kapalevy) and it's in English: foam-core, foamboard, foamcore, kapamount.

    I'm doing the outer walls from 10 mm board and use 5 mm board for furniture, stairs etc. It's nice and easy to work with and doesn't warp too much.

    I found it so nice and easy to do the walls and floor from normal cardboard to my Toscana house but wanted the thicker stuff as now I've been glueing 2-3 board together to achieve some thickness to the walls.

  7. Remove from a curiosity: where do you put ALL these houses then?! I do hard work with a single, small...
    I liked all the changes to the Tuscany house: even the sink seems to come very well.
    For long time I decided to glue most of the objects: I hate when I put my hand to move a furniture and everything else collapses
    Finally, sorry if I forgot to wish you a speedy recovery from the influence, even I have had last week and I'm still a rag, then you understand!

  8. Gosh Ira you certainly are a whirlwind once you get started. I agree with you that it is nice to have a few projects going at once so tht you can move onto different tasks.
    I love your colour schemes a sense of style.

  9. The kitchen is like the real one :) And so many houses to build! Well I would like to follow you in having many "propreties" of my own but I have just not enough space for so many houses I am affraid!:( I will be following progresses for sure:) Get well soon!

  10. I know, that's why I use the Tacky wax, but the good thing with it that you can remove stuff without leaving a mark.

    Well, where do I put the houses... That's a good question :D I have room for 2-3 houses in the library, it's mostly my room so they are ok there. My Russian house (yes, going to do one also) is going there and possible a greenhouse also. The Poe house is going to go upstairs to the lounge and I might put the Toscana house there also. The Bakkery was supposed to go to the kitchen, but it might move to my workspace to a different building. The NY apartment and the Venetian house (yes, another one :D ) are going to the living room, they have great places there. The only HUGE problem is the Lily, which so deep that I really don't know where I can fit it.

    Well, that's 8 houses... ok, I probably shoud finish these 4 houses first before even thinking of starting doing the other, although I ordered enough foam core for the Russian house, hmmm... :D

  11. Dear Ira:

    Everything's looking great! I really love the way the Toscana's kitchen is looking. Like you, I like to have lots of things on the go at the same time, so I do understand, and I will watch your construction with the foam core with the greatest interest!

  12. Que preciosidad de casita!felicidades, es muy cálida. Un beso!

  13. Wow it looks wonderful.

    There is another product called gator foam that is as almost as easy to work with as foam core but doesn't warp.

  14. It's coming along quite nicely.

    I like the idea of a stuffed look too. :)

  15. The kitchen looks wonderful. I love the stone floor. You are doing a beautiful job. :-)

  16. Esta perfecta¡¡¡¡ el detalle de la silla.. la barra de pan... Es como si estuvieramos alli...

    Pero permite una pregunta.... como lo haces? empezar otras 3 casas mas..... niños, casa ... trabajo... dimelo¡¡¡¡

    Yo tambien necesito cambiar de trabajo... algunas veces pienso que toco demasidos temas.

    Espero los progresos de este y de los nuevos proyectos. Besitos

  17. Ira, I will love a kitchen like this one. There is something about the south that always makes me think of kitchens, herbs and sunshine! :). I think you have all of these in this kitchen. I like to use real herbs too. Lemon grass is a good potpourri as well and can be used like wood shavings :).

    I am soooo curious about how you are going to place your houses and where you craft. Will you show us one day?

    You give me hope, Ira, I thought having 4 houses is the max, now I know people like you have 8 and the number is still growing!

  18. Your romms are great. In the living room I love the shelves in the wall.

  19. For so far so good! Your kitchen looks so nice and I'm jealous at your stairs !
    So many homes to work on. It seems to me delicious.

    Greetings, Roelie

  20. This kitchen is beautiful! I love the stones, they are so real! And thank you for following my blog!

  21. Thank you all :) Sans - I do all the crafting in the kitchen, so you can imagine how it looks like... :D

    I have a quite big work space in a separate building, but it's in an awful state (ie. mess) right now and the toilet is filled with stuff, so don't want to spend any time there. Hope that we get all the stuff there sorted out during summer, so I could clean it well and complete the renovation.