perjantai 30. huhtikuuta 2010

Fuses arrived - we have light :D

This time I was smart and ordered 20 fuses at one time - now I have some to burn :D Here's how the house looks like with the lights on:

Manged to do some small things today, a basket for spare toilet paper rolls and a holder for it.

The bedroom

The lights closer

And here's some new stuff for Poe's house

Now I have to start hunting for some Waco glass paint as I need lots of more and the first one is now finished - it just seems that it's really hard to find.

14 kommenttia:

  1. Enhorabuena!!!!
    Que preciosidad de luces, te ha quedado de maravilla.
    El cuervo que tienes para la casita de Poe, lo has hecho tu?
    besitos ascension

  2. The house looks really nice with the lights on! I like all the details it has, and the kitchen floor is great!
    Thank you for the comment you left me. :)

  3. Love the patterned lightshade!!

  4. no wonder real estate agents make you turn all the lights on. It really makes a huge difference to what a room looks like.
    Everything looks great! Love the pattern on the ceiling from your light fixture.
    Those are really cool things for the Poe house. They are "very Poe".
    I just learned that some glass paints have to be baked in the oven and some air dry.

  5. Oooh, lights! Everything looks wonderful, and I adore the growing "Poe collection" -- the fireplace and mantle is especially marvellous :)

  6. Ascension - no, I've bought it, but can't remember where.

    The patterned lampshade is made from round filigree, I just bend it.

    Catherine - Waco's glass paint works really well and that's why I'm hunting it, but it seems that they don't sell it in Finland anymore :(

    Nina - the fireplace is actually a enterance furniture, it's a bad picture. I'll try to do the white counter to resemble black marble. But I actually would love to have that kind of fireplace with candels on both sides of the mirror, I have to look if it would be possible to do one from that piece of furniture.

  7. Good morning Ira,
    The light changes every thing:-).....I like the sketch that forms on the ceiling of the living room.
    The objects for the Poe's house are really dark...good purchase.I'm impatient to see them in the house.
    Have a good week end

  8. Lovely with the lights on, it brings a nice atmosphere!
    Have a nice weekend

  9. The house looks really nice with the lights on,the light changes every thing, very nice.
    groetjes Ingrid

  10. I love the light in the living room and that raven is cool! Can't wait to see the Poe's house!

  11. It's absolutely great with lights.

  12. I can't believe how quickly you have got everything together and it looks just right. There is a very cosy sense of style to all the rooms. Great job.

  13. Oops! Sorry, of course looking at it again, I can see that it's a Victorian hall mirror thingy -- complete with umbrella stand! Anyway, I like it!

    I think it'll look cool with black marble :)

  14. Your interiors look great with the lights, it´s so warm, congratulations,