torstai 15. huhtikuuta 2010

3 to go - then a 100 follower give away :)

I could never imagined that I get this many followers to my blog and so many wonderful friends from the mini world :) So thank you all very, very much :)

So, I'm having a give away, when I reach 100 followers, I'll pick the winners randomly. But, this can be a long wait, you never know, I might get the 100th follower next year :D

So, just leave feedback to this post and when doing so, mention which set you like the most.

The black & white set

There's a woolen throw, an album, spool of black thred, jug with b&w flowers, strawberry-banana cream tarts, a chocolate bar and a block of Marseille soap (real)

The red & white set

There's a woolen throw, a jug with white flowers, a r&w cook book, a kettle holder, strawberry-pink grapefruit cream tarts, a chocolate bar and a block of Marseille soap (real)

The beige rustic set

There's a woolen throw, an album with Fleur de Lily, a rustic metal basket with sea shells, an Eiffel Tower charm, kiwi-orange cream tarts, chocolate bar, a block a Marseille soap (real)

And a warning - the pictures are good making the stuff look probably too good, so no disappointments please :)

And still one thing - I'm cutting the following persons from this give away:

Glenda from Peppercorn Minies
Norma from Make Mine Mini
Sonya from Cannella e Melograno
Michelle from Poppenhuis en Miniaturen

Aren't I mean? Well girls, you're all getting your own special packages in the next couple of weeks ;)

Once more thank you all for making my mini world experience such a wonderful thing :)


35 kommenttia:

  1. The black one I like most ;) I think it is just a matter of one-two days maximum ;)

  2. Como te dije en el anterior post, son todos preciosos, pero yo me quedo con el negro.
    Pero que maravilla!!!!!
    Enhorabuena por tu trabajo, me encanta.
    besitos ascension

  3. Wow Ira, wonderful packages! I love the beige one... I wish I could win!

    Mini hugs

  4. Hi Ira,
    I love the red one.Very beautifull,and country!
    I like it too much!

  5. Hi again,
    sorry but I have not read all your post because I have some problem with computer this evening.
    Thanks you are very very nice!
    I'm impatient to receive it.....I mail you soon.
    Good evening

  6. Hi Ira, you will soon reach 100 followers! Your blog is beautiful ;-)
    I like the beige set. I hope I will win.
    I will wait and see.
    Hugs, Lara

  7. Ira you are such a tease!! I was so excited at the prospect of the giveaway - fell in love with the black and white immediately - and then saw my name on the "cut-out" list and I was momentarily crushed (yes, crushed I can tell you!!) but then my heart began to beat again (and very fast) when I saw that I am to expect something from you!! I can't wait!! :)

    And I'm sure that you'll reach the 100 very very soon! And by the way I hope it's ok for me to put a link on my sidebar about this giveaway - I'm going to do it in anticipation of it being ok, if it's not send me an email or leave a comment on my blog and I'll remove it.

  8. Of course you can Norma :) And sorry for the teasing part, but I couldn't resist doing it like this instead of email :D I know, I'm a mean little thing :D


  9. Oh it looks like I'm number 99! Only one to go! I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the red set and would like it if you entered my name in the drawing! What a wonderful win this will be for some lucky people!
    Thank you for offering this to us!

  10. Love all of them but I think my favourite is the red and white set which would go just right in my Emporium. Love reading your blog too.

  11. Thank you Ira, it's very nice of you! I love the red one better. I fall in love with the red pitcher immediately, as soon as I saw it. I'll cross my fingers Mini hugs Rosanna

  12. Oh wow Ira you have been so busy your minis are gorgeous and i love all of the sets but i especially love the red one please please please could i win.... i know i know i cant influence you in any way its a shame lol....

  13. Wow the three are amazing but I think the last one is my prefer,great work!Miniregards,Sonia.

  14. Thank you Ira for a chance to win one of these gorgeous prizes you have made.
    I love the purple one, the arrangement of tiny shells is really great. Your cupcakes are perfect.
    Very nice work!!!
    Catherine X

  15. What a great giveaway Ira, naturally I would love the rustic beige, would be great in my shop further on down the track. Fingers crossed!

  16. All are so beautiful, but I like the black and white more! Is a great giveaway Ira, congratulations for your followers, soon you will have 100! hugs

  17. You've made it already! Congratulations on your well-deserved achievement, Ira :) You have such positive energy and you share it so freely -- YOU are a gift!

    But I love the red and white set best :)

  18. 100 of course, in a matter of hours? Am I the 100? :) Close I think. Love em all , dear Ira. :)

  19. Wonderful give-away!!!
    I like the beige the most, but they are all beautiful.

  20. it took me quite a while to decide. these are all lovely! i will pick the red and white. thanks for the chance to win and congratulations on your 100 followers!

  21. I love the red one also. But I would be pleased to win any of them.

  22. I nearly lost out on being counted in for this lovely giveaway! My internet has been down.

    Congratulations on 100 followers and if I have to pick only one, I thing the last one with the gray tones. The little basket with the shells won me over.

  23. Congratulations on a 100 followers and counting!!
    What a beautifull give away! I love all sets but to me the beige one stands out.

  24. It is really mean of you that we can not take part of the drawing ;-((
    But it doesn't matter we get our one giveway jeeeeeejjjj I don't think your mean anymore...;-))

    btw congratulations on the 102 followers!!!

  25. Congratulations, Ira, all the sets are great, but I like the beige one most. I sure would be happy to win it!
    Love, Susanne

  26. Congratulations on your 100+ followers!
    Your sets are all beautiful, but I fell in love with the red and white one.
    Thank you for this opportunity!

    groetjes Evelien

  27. hello! I am your supporter No. 100, we hope that this brings good luck! congratulations on your followers hope will be many more ..
    My favorite set is the red one, thanks!

  28. Congratulations, 102 followers, well done you! You have a Lovely blog and are a wonderful freind it seems too , to share such beautiful gifts! I love the last one, with the beuatiful shells and those tasty looking cupcakes, yum!! Good luck everyone, Kate xx

  29. Wonderfull give-away concratulations girls.


  30. La verdad es Que Me gustan Todos.
    Felicidades Por SUS Más de 100 Seguidores

  31. Ira, your work is so exquisite! Enter me and I fervently hope to hold my long-awaited giveaway soon!


  32. Das sind wirklich schöne Zusammenstellungen... mir würde die Farbe grau gefallen.

    Liebe Grüße PuNo / Monika

  33. Hello Ira. I am a new followers and am happy to be able to have a chance to win one of your splendid miniatures. I especially like the beige rustic set.
    I post the link on my blog :-)
    Come see me.
    A hug.

  34. Ira congratulations for the 100 followers. Your give away is so nice, the set I like best is the rose one on the middle.
    Best regards,

  35. Thank you for being a follower of my blog (genevieveminiacollection), I am glad to be a new follower of yours.
    It's very kind of you to organize a giveaway. I love the set with the Eiffel tower, the seashells, and Marseille soap. It's so French... and I love chocolate...
    Best wishes.