tiistai 8. kesäkuuta 2010

Today's minies

Found pieces of leather from my stash and did a couple of notebooks, they don't open. Also did some feather inkpens and the golden thing behind the notebooks is supposed to be thing you dap the excess ink from the paper. I really enjoy working with the leather, just need to get some thinner one from somewhere.

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  1. your note books are wonderful. I love the tiny button clasp.
    I found a great seller of leather in Etsy. That is where I got the leather for the boots I made. You could ask her if she would sell you several sample pieces of her thin leather. She sold it to me by the square foot. Meaning she was willing to cut into a hide to sell me a small amount. http://www.etsy.com/shop/LillieDDesigns

  2. These are fab Ira! :o))

    You could look around charity shops for leather gloves as this leather is extremely thin. I just bought 3 bags of very thin leather (mixed pieces) at a bargain price from a UK seller on Ebay. Sadly that listing has ended now...BUT they may list some more. Let me know if you want the sellr's ID just in case they do.

    Michelle xxx

  3. I cannot believe you´re so productive...and unlucky too. How on earth do you manage? Hope your eye will recover soon. Have you thought about wearing a bike helmet? ;0)

    Love everything you´ve made for the past days and thank you for the mail :0) What are those tiny brass bits you´ve used for the pens?

  4. Thanks Catherine, I'll check her shop out :) And Michelle, please send the seller id :)
    Annie, those small things are the insides of the little dollhouse Christmas bells, I just cut them smaller. And I think that a hockey helmet would be better, it has the facial cover :D

  5. Ira:D Beautiful notebooks and inkpens!Gosh you have so many ideas!
    Sent my gift for you today, hope it will come soon to you:)

  6. They're very nice and I love the inkpens!
    I use old leather gloves for miniatures, they're thin and soft. Also, you can use an x-acto knife to scratch them on the inside and make them even thiner.

  7. The books are fabulous but I like in particular the inkpens... What did you use to make the inkwell? It's very interesting :-)

  8. Everything looks really, really great! I love this style of stuff, leather is my favorite!

  9. Ewa, can't wait :)
    Maia, I have to go and check out the local flea market if they have anything there :)
    Mari, it's just a flat bead and round bead glued together and dirtied with black paint :)
    Thanks Lorraine :)

  10. Ira, you are very talented girl!

  11. Your notebooks are just great. You are very good with leather, I wonder what you're going to make next. I can't wait...