lauantai 5. kesäkuuta 2010

Today's mini thing

This is what I've done today:

The wonderful sausages are made by Mirja aren't they wonderful!
This barbeque, in Finnish pallogrilli is a must in all Finnish cottages and of course you have to also have the sausages :D This barbeque is going to fly to New Zeland and have a new home in Glenda's Finnish lake house :)

12 kommenttia:

  1. I'm sure Glenda WILL love it and I love the little sausages too! How kind and thoughtful! Are Finnish lake houses like Swedish ones (red)?

    Michelle xx

  2. La barbacoa es estupenda ,tiene una pinta tremenda

  3. Te ha quedado perfecta!!!!
    Las salchichas de Mirja, son muy reales, es una gran artista.
    Glenda va a estar muy contenta con esa maravilla.
    besitos ascension

  4. Mmmm -- yummy! And a wonderful gift. We're having sausages tonight (on our traditional Canadian gas barbecue :) but I'll be thinking of Finland and the pallogrilli!

  5. Luckily I already had lunch, otherwise the temptation to run me a hot dog was too strong! Glenda will be super happy, hope is not a diet :-)

  6. Michelle, yes, the cottages are usually red or wooden colour, we have a lot of log cabins also :)

    Nina, you enjoy your sausages, we will be barbequing some hamburgers tonight, for lunch we had some chiabatta with barbequed deer meat, rucola, chili, sundried tomatoes and different sauces :)

    Flora, those sausages are the best as there's no calories in them :D

    Thank you sagrario and Ascension :)

  7. Nina:D
    I love this pallogrill! I am sure Glenda will love it!
    Enjoy your meals Ladies :)

  8. Mmmmm. I can almost smell the sausages!

  9. It looks great, a bit like our barbecue ovens that have a lid, cook delicious meat over coals.

  10. is beautiful! and it is not hard to do ...

  11. Näyttää herkulliselta ja grilli on upea.