maanantai 7. kesäkuuta 2010

Cake stands and bowls

The easter bun on the stand is made by Mirja :)

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  1. Very pretty! Are you going to build a brocante shop now, Ira? ;)

  2. Wrote a long long comment wishing you well again and puke on dogs head and stuff, but my pc went crazy when trying to publish... One more time, really hope you are well again, and I love very bit of mini you´ve been doing. Would love to get the bag tutorial if possible.
    I havn´t done any mini-ing for the last couple of days, just been enjoying life with friends and family :0)

  3. Oooooh, these look so familiar, darling! :)

    Ira, I received your parcel today :) and everything look soooo good! Really! I have to say they look better than the pics :) (don't mean to say you take bad know what I mean). I really love the vase of flower and the beaded curtain! I may have to dirty it a bit if I am to use it in the tribal house, the curtain I mean :) but the sound of the bells are a pleasure to my ears. I can play it forever. Everything else is so pretty, be sure they will find a place in whatever I make :).

    I didn't open what you gave mum and dad . It's my dad's birthday this weekend, I will pass your present to him then. You, my dear, will be the topic of our conversation this weekend :). THANK YOU! THANK YOU! :):).

  4. Ira these are wonderful! Where do you find these fabulous jewelery findings? I cannot find anyhting here...

  5. Thanks girls :) Ewa, no, not at least yet :D Some of it is going to my Bakkery and rest of them are gifts.

    Annie, I'll email you and Sans has got email also :)

    Anthoula, the findings are bought from Etsy, I can't find anything here either :) And some of those things are going to fly to one fab minifood maker in Greece, do you know any? :D

  6. Hello dear, how are you today? I'm glad to see you on the cake stand, you can tell just fabulous, especially the white ones :-)

  7. Feeling ok, but I'll be having a black eye most likely this evening, had some trouble with the horses :D

  8. The cake stands look great!!! Solace here in Belgium is almost nothing, everything should I buy by mail or at trade shows
    groetjes Ingrid

  9. Son una preciosidad, vi el tutorial donde explica como se envejecen.
    besitos ascension