sunnuntai 27. kesäkuuta 2010

Something totally different and the horse :)

We were most of the day at my mother-in-laws so not so much time for minies, but did some, be aware, it's flowery, cute and there's no moss!!!

Are you shocked? :D

Well, got the first layer of paint on the witches potion hutch, don't know yet what I'll do for the inside

Here's one pic of our horse Akcija

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  1. What a beautiful horse!
    I love it!
    Also your miniatures are good!

  2. Its nice to do flowery once in a the little stool and your horse is stunning!

  3. I love the stool too! :-) The horse is so BEAUTIFUL!!!!! OMG! Is that your daughter riding it? Who ever it is looks great too.

  4. Beautiful horse! I live just a few short minutes walk from a big race course and on the (very) few occasions I'm around early enough to see training runs they are so beautiful to watch.

    And I see you have been making some (vey pretty) pretties - but just as a diversion while you think about the witches cupboard - I fear we have lost you to the dark side Ira ;)

  5. LOL, you definitely caught my attention with "horse" Ira!! Thank you for showing a pic. Akcija (I have no idea how to pronounce this correctly) is one gorgeous creature!! Just so beautiful! Lucky lucky lucky lucky you!!!!! Always been in love with horses but never was able to afford one myself.
    Ok, now....back to the miniatures. :-P They are wonderful as always Ira, even though they are cute and flowery, lol. Did you actually make the stool's metal legs? Because if so, wow Wow WOW!

  6. You can do 'pretty' very well! Your horse is beautiful, is that you riding and too 'shy' to mention it?

  7. Hey!! pale and pretty!! sharp turnaround!!
    No, I jest - they're excellent, like all your work!! :)

    I don't know much about horses, but Akcija looks so graceful!
    BTW I have always loved watching dressage - horses tiptoeing backwards seems like so much lovely trust and hard work between rider and animal.

  8. Your minis are great as usual, but forgive me, please, that I elect the horse for the best int this post. It's beautiful!

  9. No, it's not me riding, it's my daughters former trainer :) And Fiver no, the stool is made from champagne corks wire :) Norma, it might be the case :D Glenda, I have to admit that I enjoy to watch jumping more as there's more exitement :D

  10. I agree with Bozse: this time the prize is all the wonderful horse :-)
    You see that you put the same care even foraging creatures :-)
    I am romantic, so love the theme flower of this miniaure today...
    Kisses, flora

  11. El taburete y el cesto te han quedado muy bonitos.
    El mueble vitrina, esta precioso. Ahora tendras que llenarlo de cositas.
    Pero con las manos que tienes, te sera facil.
    El caballo es una precosidad.
    Besitos, May

  12. beautiful horse, elegant and powerful, in my opinion is the most beautiful animal that exists, of course after the cats ;-))))
    Un abbracio

  13. What a beautiful Horse. Are you doing Dressage in that picture?
    Love the Flowery Minis..LOL xxxx

  14. Me encanta el taburete y el cesto, el mueble es fantastico!!!
    Que preciosidad de caballo!!
    besitos ascension

  15. I love the horse! It's beautiful!
    Great work with the flowery minis!!

  16. Beautiful horse! What does mean horse's name in Finnish? In my language "akcja" without "i" inside means "action" :)What is her breed? I love horses though I never owned anyone and my riding skills are really poor as I am scared of falling down and galooping;)
    Minies are beautiful - I love printies! Witches potion hutch looks good in grey!

  17. Wow Ira i have missed out so much the past few days but everything looks wonderful i love it all and you have a beautiful horse

  18. wonderful work and your horse is very beautiful!