keskiviikko 30. kesäkuuta 2010

Some more gardening minies

I was supposed to start the part two of the possible 200 giveaway but did some more to the garden set

The green stuff in the planter is removable - I'm not going to do any flowers as I'm totally hopeless with them and need tons of practise :D I just get exhausted even thinking of the small petals and the amount of them - I've tried to start to do some pansies, but everytime I read the instructions, I put the kit away and find something else to do :D And I have kits for pelargoniums and hydrangea also, see if I'll ever get them done :D

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  1. Love this whole garden set! This is strange you had flowers in your former give-away and they are pretty and greatly made! :)

  2. Ewa, they were from ready bought flowers :D

  3. What a beautiful set you have made. I myself love making flowers. To be honest it takes forever and you need ever so many petals to make a small bunch of flowers. But when it is done it is always worth the hard work so you just have to get started. SMILE

  4. Reiko - the forever part is the problem :D And my chubby fingers :D

  5. so sweet! I feel the same way about flowers--I'm doing a clematis kit and 5 flowers took me over an hour! I need lots of practice- and goodness,don't cough while you are working on them! The little bird on the shelf is adorable! Is the basket full of lavander? Very nice!

  6. I know what you mean about the delphinium to 45 minutes to produce. And that was after the stem was prepared. Nice job on your Garden set...I like that look.


  7. Your give away will be epic!
    You're creating wonderful things, I love everything :-)
    Today I started work I, too, because you made me feel guilty ...
    I made flowers, precisely, and in fact I'm exhausted :-(

  8. I'm into gardening minies these days too! well roses to be more exact..but my eyes!! I'm gonna go blind!! Yours is beautuful

  9. Talk about flowers, I think that I have some loose parts in my head as I just did some surfing trying to find some ready made primroses and what did I do - ordered some more flower kits - am I insane??? Apparently so :D

  10. Ira, can then join your give away? it's official? I put the link on my blog with this picture or the previous? and when is the deadline? I can not wait to participate, you give me the OK??
    I'm impatient! I also received a lot of petals to make flowers, but as you say, look at them and put them aside, because just the thought makes me crazy ...
    But sooner or later it must overcome the obstacle and overcome the fear of making mistakes!
    good luck with your flowers, if you succeed you, I groped me too!
    kisses, Caterina

  11. I love your shabby planters!
    Mmm, plants are hard, I've had a pansy kit for years and still can't get courage to open it.

  12. I love the shelf with the bird.

  13. Thanks Ira! when you have the date inserted in the part of my blog dedicated to giveaway.
    wow .. then you will do all me flowers!?!
    Hugs ♥

  14. Your Give away will be great!
    I love any things you have made!
    The garden style is fantastic!

  15. Lovely items you made! I used to feel the same way about flowers until I tried some kits from Pepperwood Miniatures. The flowers and leaves are printed on paper. All you need to do is cut and shape them a bit with a stylus and they turn out great!

  16. Carol - I've been just looking at their site but I'm dreading to cut all those little pieces for example for the hydrangea - oh why can't they be laser cut! Yes, I know I'm lazy :D

  17. Me encantan todos los detalles que has hecho, quedaran genial!!!
    Atrevete con las flores, seguro que te salen perfectas, eres una artista (que no se diga....que no puedes..jejeje)
    besitos ascension

  18. Looks wonderful.

    Really keep trying with the flowers. You'll get the hang of it. they'll always be fiddly and time consuming but you'll get quicker I promise.

  19. I love that shelf and the planter....Very Clever!!

  20. Don't make flowers. Just watch the mail :).