torstai 24. kesäkuuta 2010

Holiday swap finished :)

I finally got the holiday swap finished and will take it to the post on Friday, tomorrow is too busy day :) This is sooo hard not to be able to post the pics what I've made, as this time I feel quite satisfied what I've made and I can tell you it's not the case very often :D

And I will post your package also on Friday Glenda, it's still missing a couple of things, but they'll come in another package :)

Have to get those packages on their way so I can do some work on the houses, they've been neglected for too long now, bad me... but I'm itching to start building the witches house :D With this rate I'll have 10 unfinished houses in no time :D But tomorrow I'll do some work with the forgotten garden (so it isn't it literally :D ) as there's some fab things coming to it - Wendy has made the most wonderful baby Sleepyheads and some Nikki's pumpkin potion bottles are going to have home there also - as soon as I get the *censored* credit card work with the Paypal :(

5 kommenttia:

  1. Ira good, you can send the package to your partner, but you can not publish photos to your blog, remember!
    send the photo to me at my address:
    I will publish your photo, along with all others, on July 14th!
    In addition, you can not open the package you receive, before 14 July, also!
    I'm sorry, but these are the rules of the game ...
    Thank you for your participation in the Holiday Swap!
    have fun with your other homes ..
    kisses, Caterina

  2. Awful rules Caterina ;)I wouldn't make it to keep my parcel with the gifts not open:D Anyway I can't wait to see all these swaps photos on your blog!
    Ira I hope Paypal will fix the problem with credit card soon!Can't wait to see all the minis you mentioned in the forgotten garden:)

  3. See your card blocked, sometimes it is good!
    Now that all your packages are traveling, you can finally dedicate to these blessed house ... Woe to you if you start work with the witch's house without first ending at least one of the ten!!!

  4. Wow you're quite fast I must say!!!! LOL I'm still trying to finish the first gift... though I must recognised that I've been quite lazy this past week!!! I see now that I must hurry up, as time is running out.



  5. Que rapida has sido!!!
    Estoy deseando ver las fotos de los intercambios de Verano!!
    Yo hice el intercambio de Pasuca y fue dificil esperar para subir fotos jejejeje(paciencia)
    besitos ascension