tiistai 29. kesäkuuta 2010

Minies and some garden pics

Here are some minies I did yesterday

Finally gotten myself to a bit gardening mood :)
Here's some pics from the garden, in where I'm all the time the loosing part against the fight with weeds...
Some paeonies

My Marmelade heuchera survived the winter :)

And so did my weigelas - the more cultivated species are not hardy here, so they die almost to the ground every year

Here's a pic of my white-silver-wine red-varieageted flower bed, still a lot of ground to cover with plants :)

And here's one shady border

I've redone every year my main flower bed and have to do it again this summer, as the dogs just walk through it no matter what I do so decided stop fighting with them and do a small gravel path where they walk :)

8 kommenttia:

  1. It lookes great! I love it, the text you put on the boxes are very nice!


  2. The minis are great!! I like the flowers in the pot - did you make them?

    Garden - it's marvellous! I know how much work a garden is, my late parents-in-law spent a lifetime making a superb garden. Gardens are never finished, are they? - always a work in progress.

    We move so much that I've almost given up gardening, except I always plant herbs.

  3. I love your garden as well as your gardening miniatures.

  4. Beautiful garden! I love minies - is it a new project you're working on?:)

  5. You have a lovely garden, so many pretty flowers and your mini garden boxes are really cute!

  6. Oooooh, mum will love those peonies Ira :). You have done well with the minis. I've always love garden related minis. Looks like a bright sunny day at your end ! It's been raining almost every morning but Dale brought orchid with her. Out of the blue, white orchids grew from an old palm tree a few days ago here :) amazing!

  7. What beautiful flowers, so delicate and strong!
    Very, very beautiful, as are the miniatures: someone loves gardening?

  8. Tienes un jardín precioso. Las fotos de las peonias son maravillosas.Es una flor delicada, vistosa y espectacular.
    Eran las preferidas de mi madre.
    Gracias por tan bellas fotos.
    Besitos, May.