sunnuntai 6. kesäkuuta 2010

Some minies done today!

Between sleeping on the sofa and surfing around mini pages I've actually got something done - an orchid from a kit that Rachel sent me and another bag.

Here's the orchid with the little minies I have ready for my NY apartment

The kit was quite difficult to do, at least in my current state :D I'm now dreading to do some more kits, as I have one hydrangea and lots of pelargoniums - I don't even want to think about the amount of those little petals...

And here's the purse with some dog hair

Now I have to similar and there's still some leather left - I'll see if I can do a smaller purse and a leather covered agenda and wallet, maybe better wait for tomorrow with that small things to do :D

Oh and a good thing - my daughter has developed an interest on the minies and she wants to do a small Indian house :) Better show Sans blog to her so she can get some inspiration :)

6 kommenttia:

  1. Hope you fell better! I read about your ordeal in Kiva's blog and felt so sorry for your dog! You too of course :)

  2. Hope you feel better now:) I love the orchid! I am planning to buy some of orchid's kits in the near future so it is good to know it is not easy kit to make ;)The bag looks great:)
    Good luck with the Indian house to your daughter - I hope you will show the progress here too:)

  3. Las plantas te han quedado genial y el bolso es precioso.
    La garrafa verde tambien la has hecho tu?
    Me alegro que haya otra entusiasta miniaturista, seguro que a tu hija le encantara hacer la casita india.
    besitos ascension

  4. I admire anyone that even attempts to do tiny plants and flowers and yours looks fabulous, the purse is so cute! :)

  5. The plants look great! The orchid is a masterpiece, especially considering your health today! I have not done anything today and I felt very well :-(

  6. Beautiful orchid, great work.