tiistai 1. kesäkuuta 2010

What a wonderful packages arrived today from Sans, Wendy and Nikki :)

There were many packages in the postbox today and inside of them wonderful treasures!

Mr.Sleepy head arrived and he is SO cute, Wendy made a small crate for him to sleep in :) Thank you so much, I love my little pumpking guy, his little face has the most fab expression and is so exceptionally well made, I'm a happy, happy person right now :D

And the relocating doesn't end there, some 3 skinny guys have been doing rough travelling over the seven seas to find the Al Aaraaf and now they're finally there - having a comfy get together in the kitchen :D The were only 3 chairs, but it was fine for the Maharadja to stand, as standing burns more calories than sitting :D I very much assume that they will be babbling mindlessly for the whole evening and getting drunk so I'll leave them to it :D

You can see that the poet went to sit next to Poe's book and letter to do some spying what he's writing :D
Thank you so much Sans, the little bony guys are fun and the little things you've made fabulous, especially the card deck and the box - amazing!

And then there's Nikkis wonderfuls stuff

A mandrake&mouse sack, a plain mouse sack and pumpinks in a crate - the two latter ones are rejects, but I have to tell you, really can't see anything wrong with them, they are all fab! And Nikki had put some suprises in the package, a glass dome, a small potion bottle and dragon eggs - thank you so much Nikki! And seeing her work is the reason I'm not selling my minies, they really look like second graders craftings compared to Nikkis fabulous stuff!

Now off to do some food shopping and then maybe some minies, if this headache goes away.

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  1. Today you have really full of wonderful gifts. The merry gang of skeletons I'll dream tonight! But you will not have to cook for them all?!
    Are thin, perhaps because they have a great metabolism!
    But I see that are already around the table, waiting for something ...
    I embrace you and I hope the headache remains at the supermarket!

  2. Hope the headache will be or is gone by now:) Great treasures you got Ira!The skinny gang probably doesn't need to eat but surely they need something to drink for the evening and night hours. Is bathroom ready for that yet?;)
    As for the minis you make I think you are just a very demure Lady:) I have some of your minis home and they are just superb!:)

  3. Flora - I think that Ewa is right, they need no food, but drink more :D And no, bathroom isn't finished, so they have to go to the garden (which isn't there, so my dining table will have some skeleton pee on it in the morning :D )

    And thank you for your kind words, I'm just a little perfectionist and you know it seems always that I consider my own doings not as good as what others do - it's the same with the food, the one you cook doesn't taste as good as if someone else would have made it :)

    I'm still doing a couple of wands, so I'll take your package to the post tomorrow :)

  4. Glad he arrived safely, looks like he enjoyed his journey, I swear he seems more smiley than usual.....methinks he likes you :o)
    I love all of Nikki's creations, you are very lucky, the pieces I try & buy seem to fly out of her etsy shop too quick for me. One day I'll be lucky.
    Its good to know Ive played a small part in making you happy today. Looks like Poe is happy now he has some companions too :o)
    Wendie x

  5. Wonderful gifts, you are very lucky!

  6. This is really really quick!! Travelling the 7 seas are not like the old days anymore :):).

  7. Wendy - yes, you really made my day happy, your work is so good, I love him :)

    Sans - I hope that your package arrives soon, I'll post a pic what's happened during the night in Poe's house, my daughter had again some fun with posing the guys :D