sunnuntai 13. kesäkuuta 2010

Work on Poe's house

I've been busy with the real life this weekend, so haven't gotten too much done, only worked with Poe's houses upstairs and this is how it looks right now, the pic is quite bad, now it's too much light here :D

Fitting the roof parts togehter was a pain, have to fill the caps when I cover the roof. And still have one wall to be done, don't know if I should wallpaper it, paint it, do a tudor panelling, keep the both windows or only the upper one - too many options :) In the bedroom area the desk has found it's place and I'll do a bed to the window alcove, but don't know what to put to the other end where the mantel is right now. I could also do a day bed on the alcove and have a actual bed on the end wall. Or keep the fireplace there and have a chair and a table on front of it. Or do an "altar" for Poe's lost love Eleonora. Again too many options :D

I've been doing myself a list what I have to get done and in which order. Now the first thing is to get the Poe's houses interior ready Then I'll have to get the lighting before I can do the exterior ready. This gives me time to do the Toscana houses balcony and two lights ready and start working on the exterior walls and roof. The bakkery has to wait for it's turn, I'm now in the "no colour"-mood :D For the greenhouse and I can do bits and pieces in between as the structure is ready (hey, I've actually finished one "houses" exterior!!!)

And I'll have to work fast with all of this because I want to start with my witches house soon! And I'll do also a vampire roombox or similar and after it's finished we'll start working on the Indian scene with my daughter. I'm still a bit unsure about the roombox thing as I find it hard just to do a room for some reason but really CAN'¨T fit any more houses here besides the ones I've have had on my mind before.

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  1. Oooh lots of decisions to be made! and lots of projects, great! I used to think like that but I like roomboxes now as I can fit them on a bookcase nicely or dresser and they take up so little room!
    The house is looking great, Kate xx

  2. Oh Merry,

    ich finde das Haus schon jetzt fantastisch.

    Und die Dachlücken kannst Du doch mit kleinen Leisten als Dachbalken ausfüllen. Von aussen kann man das ganz leicht kaschieren.

    Liebe Grüße PuNo/Monika

  3. The Poe's house looks so good with that wallpaper! A lot decisions to be made this altar for Eleonora sounds interesting!:)Not to mention witches house and vampire roombox!:)

  4. Thanks Kate :) Yes, I have to start thinking about these roomboxes as I'm totally running out of space :)

    Monika - Vielen Danke :) Ich glaube das ich kaschieren von aussen als der sind zu viele ecken innen - zu viele für die Leisten schnitten :D

    Thanks Ewa :)

  5. It looks great!The wallpaper is wonderful.
    I like it!

  6. Gosh I have got exhausted just reading your to do list!

    But you will enjoy the witch house I know.

  7. I adore the wallpaper. It's just perfect -- makes the whole project just come together. You must be so pleased!

  8. Poe's house is looking really good! I had to smile at your long lists! I wouldn't dare make a list of things to do... it would be too long!

  9. Like the others, I love how the wallpaper sets off the black furniture and furnishings. I also like Elenora's altar. I find altars very fascinating and think it will make an interesting addition to this house.

  10. There are always so many decisions with a house, almost as many as a full sized house. Poe's house looks wonderful. Lists are great to help with the order, I always seem to work backwards, lol. Must go make some lists for the project I'm doing. Thank you for the inspiration.

  11. You shoot us from one project to another with incredible speed! Meanwhile, this house is becoming incredibly beautiful, and you already think of a vampires room in another house ...

  12. You are so busy! And you go so fast! I love the way this house turns out.

  13. The house is looking amazing!!! You are doing such and extraordinary work on it!!!
    My congratulations!
    Warm regards,

  14. La casa esta quedando de maravilla, un excelente trabajo!!!!
    Una gran lista de cosas para hacer jejejeje
    besitos ascension

  15. It is extraordinary how are you leaving the house. total dismal, housing suitable for family uan ghostly. cool!

  16. Hi Ira,

    Poe's house looks so good already, i think you just need more finishing touch then its gonna be perfect! ;)


  17. Hi, I sent you an post yesterday maybe it didn't go through?

    Well, the thing is I'm going to Kokkola now the 26th june and i've tried to find out if there are any miniature shops in Gamla Karleby?
    I searched it up on the internett, but I couldn't understand the language. So if you could be so kind and give me a hint, i'll be super happy;)

    And do you maybe know where you can buy Rensin, Still water or solid water?