perjantai 4. kesäkuuta 2010

Wondeful gifts from Caterina and Michelle! And a wand box and some updates on the greenhouse

First of all, I got some wonderful post yesterday and today. Look at all these fabulous minies that Caterina has made for my Casa Toscana!

Just look at these cigars! Amazing!
And this Panforte, I really want to taste it :)

Thank you SO much Caterina, I really appreciate your miniatures :)

And then Michelle sent me this fab bag kit, thank you, it really wasn't necessary, but I'm really happy :)

I'll try to make one bag this weekend, I'll show how it turns out :)

I also did a small wand box out of balsa:

This one is on its way to Debbie :)

Also did some work with the greenhouse garden, got a step done and added some gardening tools:

Also did a plant

And a potting table, which still needs a lot of things to it

On the table are Sonyas fab cactus and my first take on a mandrake (just the leaves)

The potting table is waiting this fabulous piece made by Eva:

Also these minies are going to my greenhouse

Also got this blueberry pie for my Bakkery

And this fab vampire skull, it still needs to find its place

All these are from this fab shop by DflyCreations :)

13 kommenttia:

  1. WOW such wonderful books and other little thing from Caterina! She is very talented!!!Her cigars look so real.

    I had no idea that there was such a kit as the one Michelle sent you. That looks like it is going to be great fun to put together.

    So many other wonderful things from others too.

    I can't get over how fast you are and how you seem to be able to work on more than one project at a time. Plus the work is always fantastic.

  2. Superb gifts and purchases Ira!Love the vampire skull and the ravens:)The bag kit is looking very nice:)So, where is the rest of mandrake?;)

  3. I agree, both the gifts and the purchases are fabulous! But your work is wonderful too!

  4. Well, you know, the mandrakes first grow the leaves and then root part and this mandrake is just a baby... I'm good in explanations, aren't I :D I'm having this strange feeling that I will be having lots of these baby mandrakes in my greenhouse (unless I get a better job and Nikki does loads of mandrakes :D)

  5. You got some wonderful gifts Ira and the purchases are great! fab poting table!

    The post was very fast this time;-) have fun making the bags;-) I'm sorry I forgot to ask the lady for the English translation for the bags...

  6. I'm going to try it tomorrow, my Toscana house needs some bags :) And no problem, I speak also German and there were German instructions :)

  7. What wonderful purchases and presents! I love them all. How kind people are and it's a joy to see.

    I have to say though I particularly like how you have aged the shovel and fork, so authentic and real looking, you never fail to amaze me Ira. :o)

    Michelle xx

  8. What wonderful gifts.

    I've just been reading back though some older posts of yours (I am sooo behind) and your garden is looking fabulous. Well done on all of it.

  9. So many interesting things to see, just like eye candy! Love the gardening tools. The cigars look very real... what exciting minis.

  10. All fabulous! I like everything, I'm almost excited for all that you can do with passion and generosity of women! Catherine is a genius. Michelle first class artist.
    Your greenhouse is becoming a place where I would spend a few weeks of rest :-)

  11. Pumpkin head is so lucky!!! :). I bet he thinks he is living in a mansion with best from mother nature, Ira :).

  12. Thanks for mentioning my minis! Hope they fit in well with all the other amazing items!