keskiviikko 9. kesäkuuta 2010

Some antique wands and gifts to be mailed :)

I did some antique wands, the one in the front has a duck's head, but it's difficult to see it in the picture

These wands and these minies

are a custom order from Mr. Sleepy Head (he whispered it to me in my dreams :D ) for his creator as Mr. Sleepy Head had dreamed in his dreams that the creator has some invaders in her majickal creating room and her majickal creating has suffered due this. So hope that all these things fit for your majickal skool Wendy :)

And this lot is going to fly to Italy to enjoy the warm climate, hope you like them Caterina :)

7 kommenttia:

  1. I think Caterina will love your gifts!
    Your mini are so beautiful!

  2. Caterina is a very lucky lady indeed!

  3. I think Caterina is a luvky lady! I love your bags. They are fabulous.

  4. Oh My, Ira!!! I have tears in my eyes at such a lovely gesture (I growed Mr SleepyHead up well methinks?) they are all wonderful!!!! I was admiring the wands the other day that you made for Debbie, so big smiles here that I will be getting some too :o) I have something here for you too! you mentioned wanting something in particular and I was inspired, but have lost my camera lead so you will have to wait until A, I find it and can upload a pic of your suprise or B, you receive it in the post!! :o)
    Much lufs
    Wendie x

  5. Ira, you have most awesom heart on the blogland:D Beautiful minies! I am sure both Ladies will be very happy!:)

  6. Wendy, I'm really glad that you like them :) And I'm REALLY happy about what you've done :D I've been too busy today, so I'll take the package to the post tomorrow - gives me a bit more time to do something extra ;)

  7. These wands are superb, Ira - they are just my image of a wand, natural and powerful!

    And lucky Caterina!