tiistai 8. kesäkuuta 2010

Todays last minies and a fab gift from Flora :)

Here's what I've done this night

And the postman brough a package from Flora and inside was this fab writing desk/cabinet. I already painted it and got a dripping on the front, have to sand it tomorrow a bit and repaint that area. Thank you so much Flora, I already tested it in place in Poe's house and it's perfect fit :)

There's so many little drawers and shelves that I have to do tons of little things to fill all them up :)

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  1. Ira you have made very beautiful miniatures.I love the long bag(I don't know the name in english).
    Flora has sent you a very realistic cabinet and the color is very good.I think Mr. Poe has a lot of space for his books and letters! :-))

  2. But your bags will make in day to day, most wonderful!
    And those leather-bound books are a fable!
    You are great :-)
    I am happy that the package has arrived: the re-painted furniture is just as I imagined for Mr. Poe...
    There was also an oil lamp with red shade: Do not you find it? It was wrapped in white tissue paper, I hope it has not thrown together packaging :-(
    Let me know...

  3. Hi Flora,

    Good that you said, it was still in the box, thank you, it's fab!


  4. Maybe the lamp made you sick but I wanted to make sure that at least you had found :-)
    Good night

  5. Come on, no, it's fab - the package just looked like those white things that were in the package so I missed it :) It's perfect for my Bakkery as I don't have any lights there and I want lots of bright red things in there :)

  6. Oooh such a beautiful handbags, you have to like it :-)) nice box that you received
    groetjes Ingrid

  7. It amazes me how you just casually say 'oh I made these tonight' and then show such beautiful items.
    Do you ever sleep?
    Gosh I wish I had your creative talent and energy.

  8. Have you started a handbag factory at your house? Amazing! So many handbags and all beautiful.

  9. More beautiful bags! And the journals are gorgeous, too :) I love the secretary that Flora sent you, and think it looks great in that black finish. Won't Poe have a marvellous home?

  10. Hi Ira - you have been busy while I was gone! - journals, wands, bags, the fabulous greenhouse!!
    All so beautiful!
    Regards to the Skellingtons! I will start posting on my blog soon - I have to share internet with Alan - it's extremely rural here and the connection is uneasy - only one at a time. :(

  11. Ira you are becoming an expert in bags and journals! These are wonderful!

  12. Thanks you all :) Janice, yes I sleep but I've been negleting cleaning and gardening a bit :D Susan - it seems like it :D
    Nina - I hope so, all black and dark :)
    Glenda - good to have you back online, you just make some chores for Alan so you can stay in the web :D
    Anthoula - thank you :)

  13. The bags are fab - still think you should think of selling minies - I would be the first customer ;) I saw this secretary on Flora's blog first, you made it looking so cool with that black paint Ira:) Beautiful piece of furniture!

  14. I might give it a go, just need to practise some more ;)

  15. Enhorabuena por tu regalo y felicidades por los detalles que vas a mandar a Flora, me encanta como te ha quedado!!!
    besitos ascension

  16. Your bags are wonderful.
    The desk/cabinet is very nice. Congratulations to you and to Flora.

  17. The bags are so beautiful!!! I just loved them!!
    And the gift from Flora is so lovely and glad that you have found a place for it!!
    Warm regards,

  18. I love your new bags, I was sure you would make more.