perjantai 18. kesäkuuta 2010

Boot problem solved :)

Here's my new version of the riding boot with the real looking toe part :)

Now have to do the other one :) I'm suprisingly awake - slept last night 3 hours, took the kids to the airport and started to do the stables at 5 am and was ready from there at 6 am. Fed the dogs and watched the Dorian Gray. Now should wash some laundry, colour my hair, do some grocheries and minis - just lets see at what time I just fall asleep :D

19 kommenttia:

  1. Oh! I am tired only reading are amazing, you have done a lot of things!!!
    The boot looks sooooooooooo well, better I can say.
    Take care :)

  2. Yes that does look better with the rounded toe. Like Eva, I am feeling tired just reading your post!!

  3. I wish your children a wonderful time in Crete!!!!

  4. Did you remake the whole thing ? This is a better version. Dorian Gray ? As in the picture in Oscar Wilde's story or the movie? Is it the 2009 version or the really old one? I love the really old one cos I haven't seen the 2009 version.

  5. Have the same question as Sans - did you remake the whole thing or is this a completely new one? I love this one! You are not only talented but very clever too:D But please please get some sleep today or at least go fast to bed in the evening tonight:)

  6. It's lovely!!! You have made a great work and now the other one. But they will be so nice!

  7. Te ha quedado genial, ya puedes hacer la otra.
    Parecen tan reales, seguro que estara encanta con ellas.
    besitos ascension

  8. Thanks girls, I like this much better also, although it's not perfect :)

    Sans, yes The Dorian Gray, the newer version. It was ok, I loved to watch the interiors :)
    And yes, did a whole new shoe, made some changes to the pattern, still needs a bit refining, but that will be another days job :)

    Now to do something with my hair and maybe another movie, the Sherlock Holmes just came in the post :)

  9. You amaze me again Ira, great boot(s). I wouldn't dream of attempting them!

  10. ¡La bota quedo genial! es muy realista,pero debe descansar para seguir con las minis,saludos

  11. Seriously, Ira, I'm exhausted just reading about what you have to do :) It's a lovely boot, you must be so pleased!

  12. now that your children are in Crete, you think to spend any time alone with your minis? sometimes, you have to go to sleep ...
    I like the boot, this is the most successful of the other!
    kisses, Caterina

  13. WOW There is no way I could keep up with you! LOL I am worn out just thinking about your day.
    Great boots. :-)

  14. This boot is great. I'm enchanted.

  15. You use SOMETHING and not want say what! How come I'm destroyed and I have not even combed and you create wonders and you can also get you the color for the hair?! You hide me something ...
    I embrace you tenderly, you do not know how many times I think of you during the day :-)
    The boot is fantastic and the other one will be even better!

  16. I love your boots i'm sure i'm gonna get one if its real! ;)
    you really need to take some rest, i think you're too busy!
    i hope you enjoy your summer holiday,Ira! :D


  17. Oh lord, that's such a lot to have done in one day on 3 hours skeep.
    I get like now but not often. I just go and go and then flop. But its no good, you should rest more.
    Fab boot! Did you finish the other one?
    Nikki xxx

  18. I absolutely love how this came out. It's perfect! :)