tiistai 1. kesäkuuta 2010

Forgotten garden for Mr. Sleepy Head

I've been working with the greenhouse/garden today and this is how it looks like now, still lots and lots to do, but some progress happening :)
This is the shady part of the garden with dead wines, might add some leaves to them if I have the patience...

The greenhouse wall will be covered with tiles as soon as they arrive.

Here's the potting table corner, Annie's fab birdhouses are already up on the wall.

And this is the fountain area, I'll try do some water with scenic water, see how it comes out. And on the ground is Annies fab birdbath :)

The gravel is actually cat sand and the soil coffee. The dead wines are from fallen firs, they have fabulous roots :) And there's also some dried moss and beard lichen used, it's amazing what you can find from the nature to be used in the miniature scenes :)

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  1. I use a lot from nature too, I have a lot of trees and Scots Pines in area and I've used real lichen fallen from roofs that I've dried and also air plants (they are sooo tiny, but real). I love the garden. I haven't started on my Hogwarts one yet and you put me to shame! lol

    Hmm good job my cat doesn't live in your house otherwise he'd be using your garden as his litter tray (or dirt tray as some might call it). lol

    Michelle xx

  2. Oh I would love some air plants - don't have them here in Finland. And I'm a bit worried about the garden with coffee - the dogs might want to eat it, but hopefully many layers of varnish keeps them away :D I won't let our cat see the garden, he lives mainly in the stables :)

  3. What a great scene Ira the brick wall looks fab did you paint this yourself.
    A really good idea from Michelle - airplants...

  4. It looks wonderful! I love the view of the wall where the bird houses and vines are! I'll have to be more observant for potential natural ingredients! Everything looks good!


  5. Ira what can i say everything looks wonderful as usual i love it its great when you find useful natural items

  6. Your garden here is a showcase of a talented gardener, Ira! Beautiful job!

  7. Ira, I love the way you use gifts from Mother Nature. I do that too when I can. If not all natural, I at least like to blend it in with the things I make. Unfortunately we haven't much lichen here, but I gather it when I am on holidays. I also used real sticks for my ivy and glued the paper ivy leaves on. It just has that natural feel. I wouldn't worry too much about the coffee. Unless your dogs are coffee addicts. LOL Great job, Ira.

  8. You better varnish that coffee soon!;)What a change! I thought the conservatory is going to be darker;) but it looks so good and dried on the sun! Fab! I love the way you put the plants around:) Can't wait to see what you do with inside:)
    As for your minis - I won't change my opinion about them:) You and Nikki make simply different minis but hers and yours are great the same way :):)

  9. You're so FAST Ira! Not only a conservatory but a garden as well, I'm amazed :) I like those spikey looking plants - are they mini or one of Mother Nature's gifts you're so good at finding?

  10. You did a psychological study of the personage - Pumpkin: this garden is perfect for him!
    Where else could live, a pumpkin with that face?!
    Here's an atmosphere a little shabby and neglected, but not too sad ...
    I admired your skill! I'm glad to know ya, I feel a bit better for this :-)

  11. Ewa - I thought that Mr. Sleepy Head wouldn't be too comfy in dark and scary garden, so it's going to be a bit happier place :) And thank you so much for your words, I really appreciate them

    Norma - those spiky ones are just from a 1:1 fake grass thing, I have lots of them so if you need some, I'll send you them :)

    Flora - thank you so much, you're always so nice :) Hugs for you :)

    Now off to walk in the woods, have to get some more roots :D

  12. Der verwunschene Garten wird wunderschön Merry.... verträumt mit geheimnisvollen Ecken. Gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut.

    Liebe Grüße an Dich


  13. Vielen Danke Monika für seine schöne Wörten :) Ich will noch viele mehr Plantzen dort haben.