maanantai 21. kesäkuuta 2010

Today's little minies

Here's the little what I've done today, had a long list what I should do, but didn't quite make it :D

A couple of windows to Poe's house, here's the other one

Chrystal ball, some baskets, book, chest and a candel stand which has to still made rusty

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  1. Love the window and the little baskets, looks like you've been a busy

  2. Love the window - I don't know really why suddenly I am thinking of coffee grains ...;)The brown baskets are great! What is the cover of the book made of? I love it's pattern!:)

  3. Thanks Debbie :)

    Ewa - now you got me also thinking coffee grains :D The book cover is fake leather and the small chest is covered with snakeskin embossed paper.

  4. Lovely work, but.... theyre not as wonderful as the fabulous parcel of goodies I received from you today :o) I am genuinely overwhelmed! you are a creator of magnificent minis & a wonderfully generous person indeed! I still have your baby punkins suprise here by the way... real life got in the way again :o( but it WILL be in the post in the next few days!!!
    Thankyou so very very much, much luvs xxx

  5. Oh I'm so happy that the parcel arrived and more happy that you like the minies :) And no worries, the real life goes first and then minies - or at least so it should be :D

  6. Nice minis, Ira - the window in particular is intriguing. Nice!!
    Off for a coffee . . .

  7. Ira, these little things remind me of the ones that you made me. I am now adapting them for the tribal house although at first I thought most of them were too glamorous but I love them too much. You know that beaded curtain you made me? I can't tell you enough how much I love it. I hope you will like my adaptation. That and the vase with a single stalk of peony. I hope to show the post soon but I am still adapting :).

  8. Sans, hope you get your adapting done soon! And as I said, I really don't mind how much you want to dirty them up, do some painting and make some wear and tear, I'm just happy that you have some use for them :)

    Glenda, should Poe open a cafe upstairs :D

    Thanks Kathi, now I'm wondering how in the earth I'll get a stained glass window to the middle one, tried to do one, not very succesfully :D

  9. Hi Ira. I had a lot problems with INTERNET and I could not connect yesterday. But I want to write, belatedly, that the window is beautiful! Perfect for home Poe.
    Even small creations today are excellent: you are becoming very good in leather processing.
    An affectionate hug :-)

  10. ¡Cuantas cositas has hecho! Son todas muy bonitas. Me gusta mucho la idea de las cestitas.
    Besitos, May

  11. Que trabajadora, la ventana es una maravilla.
    Las cestitas un genial idea.
    besitos ascension

  12. Beautiful minis! I love the window and the light it lets in... beautiful!