torstai 3. kesäkuuta 2010

Snapes own wand and Debbies wands :)

Did some more wands, these are for Debbie, hope that you like them, they are a bit on the primitive side :)

And did a wand for Snapes, it turned out quite nicely :)

This wand and 5 from right on the upper picture are made from pieces of fir branches, they were quite fun to make :)

Hope that you guys like the wands, I'll pop them tomorrow to the post :)

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  1. I love all of them! BUT of course my fav is the one for Severus:) It is so cool!Is that the head of the snake there? Gosh, I am seeing snakes everwhere lately ;)
    Debbie, I would like to know if you are opening the wand shop maybe? :)
    Can't wait for Snape's wand!:)Thank you thank you thank you Ira!

  2. Ewa - yes, it's a snakes head - good that you could see it there :D

  3. Enhorabuena, me gustan todas, pero la que parece una serpiente es mi preferida.
    besitos ascension

  4. Nothing wrong with your wands! The ones used in the films are quite simplistic. I loved the wad box the best...was it made of wood? I want to make some for Dumblerdore and the students too.

    Ira, sorry but my laptop hates your playlist. A blogger can't turn it off (I tried to pause it) and it took me ages to put my sound on mute and it almost crashed my laptop trying to mute it! lol

    Michelle xxx

  5. These look great! I'm with everyone, the snake one is my favorite :).

  6. Thank you all :) Michelle, I hated it also, so it's gone for good :D The boxes were cardboard, painted and varnished.

  7. Ira que imaginación, me encanta¡¡¡¡ yo la hice con un cable de acero...pintado de marron... nada tan elaborado y real como la suya¡¡¡¡ Me encantan todas. ¿donde se recoge toda esa imaginacion?

    Un besito.

  8. GREAT Wands! I like them all.

    About music on blogs... Usually I turn it off as soon as I hear it. I can't read and listen to music at the same time for some reason.

    Ira... I have never noticed music playing on your blog when I come to visit. ?????

  9. I hadn't heard music on this blog but the music on Creepy Creations by Jamie Moore ( is fantastic!

  10. Beautiful wands, Ira -- I like their primitive feel, myself :) And I LOVE the little snake head on Snape's!

  11. Thanks ladies :) Catherine, I had a playlist for a moment, but it didn't work at all, so I listen my music myself :)

    And the snake - he was a slippery little thing and did a vanishing act - yes, I lost is somewhere - you can imagine all the nice words coming from my mouth... Well, did a new one with a box for Snapes, hope he likes it :)