perjantai 11. kesäkuuta 2010

More books - one Snapey one :)

Books, books, books, that's what I've been doing this evening as Poe needs tons of them in his house and as I also decided to have a witches house, some books needed there also :D

Tried something different today and the result is Snape's book

This one has to fly to Poland to Snape's office :)

And as I promised to Ewa, I'll do some work on Poe's house this weekend. Nothing actually done, but tried the roof on and decided the room order. Now I have the problem that I don't have any suitable wallpaper and I'm out of black paint - have to figure out something :)

There will be a small bathroom with the bathtub and a washstand and maybe will have a bed on the right side wall.

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  1. I love books in quantities ... They give a very intellectual look at the houses. And the house of Mr. Poe could not be different! Incidentally, I see positioned the library and it seems perfect...
    Good job :-)

  2. How cool are these books!! And I love the one with the snake - how did on earth you do it?? Just fab!!!I love it!I am so proud that I am going to be the owner of it! Thank you so much of thinking of Snape's office!!!
    I can't wait to see your witches house!
    Oh I am so curious about that floor of Poe's house!

  3. Yey a witches house! Great books and I love Snapes book how clever! Kate xx

  4. Your books are great, I love the top leather one with the little corners.
    Julia xxx

  5. Great job as usual Ira. The snake impression is fab. You have such a creative imagination you must do a witchy house.

  6. Your books are the most excellent, Ira! I've been working on a magazine article on leather books, and you've beaten me to it with these - the snake one is neat!

  7. Thanks ladies :)

    And Glenda, you got me laughing - I've seen pics of your books closed and open (and will soon own one also) so no doubt who's books are the best - you know, mine don't open, I'm too lazy to cut the paper straight as I don't have a paper cutter and with scissors it's such a pain.

    Now off to a dressage competition with my daughter, son is in a football tournament so after we all are back I hope that I get something done, should be cleaning as the whole house is a huge mess, but no, I'll do it next week :D

  8. Ira, fabulous books! Are all the skellys going to be staying in this house?

  9. Sans - at least Poe, Maharadja and Mr.Gambler, the Poet might have a small clash of interest with Poe, so he might move away, but where... it's to be seen :D

  10. Wonderful books Ira!
    Please come by my blog...I have an inspiration award for you!

  11. Your books are really fantastic
    groetjes Ingrid