maanantai 14. kesäkuuta 2010

Poe houses interior done! And a dragon skulpture :)

Finally got the bathroom walls done so now the interior is READY! Or almost, still some skirting boards to be cut to place and all the upstairs lights are missing, but still, I consider it ready enough :D

There's some creature lurking by the window... :D

I have already ordered two custom chairs from Kris, they are going to be gothic ones with black fabric :) And Norma has kindly offered to make a carpet and a bookcase for the livingroom so there's not much furniture to be made for the livingroom :) And upstairs needs some thinking, but after I get the lights for the house and get the exterior done (it's going to be black stone) I can have fun and add small bits and pieces to the house when I feel like it :)

And did this little dragon head sculpture

It doesn't look like traditional dragon but more like a crosbreed between dragon, snake and rhino :D It's D.Spiritus, I engraved it to the base :) The head is made from fir.

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  1. This is looking superb. I love how you have transformed this little kit...I am making a ginger bread house from mine! lol

    I see you have been busy again...sculpting!

    Michelle xx

  2. It looks great! I love the wallpaper - great colors and nice dark atmosphere.

  3. Ira! Dark rooms full od shadows (I love wallpaper!) and rays of light from the windows - amazing effect!

  4. Gosh, you really are a fast worker Ira:) Love the interior! What is that lurking by the window anyway? Can't wait to see the house with lights on!:) The dragon head looks so interesting - love that horn:)(if it is a crossbreed then it definately is dragon :D) Is it going to stay in Poe's house or somewhere else? A spiritus - written "spirytus" - is a hard alcohol in Poland so I am not surprised you decided to engrave this head to the base ;)

  5. Thanks you all :) I like the upstairs wallpaper also a lot, it's scrapbooking paper by Graphic45, I just painted it over with thin layer of black paint.

    The thing lurking in the window is from this new Disney movie, I asked my daughter a hold a magazine over the window to block some light off and she did this positioning :D

    And Ewa - the drunken dragon :D I don't know yet what to do with it, if a certain person who's making a dragon table at the moment likes it, then it will fly away ;) (but then it needs some wings :D )

  6. The house is wonderfully dark! :)
    I love the sculpture!

  7. I hope this person will like the dragon - better don't tell her about spirytus;)
    I thought it might be something from Disney - but it looks cool in the window :D

  8. I'm right there with everyone else, the dark tones to this house and furniture are just great! I absolutely love it! And you really do work fast! The idea with the dragon is great, he turned out really well.

  9. I am in love with Poe's house, Ira! It's just adorably creepy ...

  10. Oooh.... spooky and enchanting at the same time.

  11. The house is wonderfull.I love the wallpaper and the dragon head looks so really.

  12. That house was Wicked! I loved it:)
    I was wondering, I'm going to kokola now 26 june, and I tried to find some places where they might be selling miniatures, but i didn't understand the finish language!:P

    do you also know if you can buy rensin, solid water or still water in finland?
    I'm out on a search for that you see.

    Star - Norway

  13. I really like the wallpaper, just perfect. I repeat that I am ashamed of myself for what I'm slow and inconclusive! You do not just build more houses and decorations at the same time but also make the sculptures! Wonderful, too ...
    You are a legend!

  14. It looks fantastic! I also love the wall paper. The dragon is really wonderful!

  15. Hello Ira! Flora told me that you have published the photo of the gift you sent me .. I deliberately, No I went from your blog, NO see what you sent me, and lose the surprise!
    Thank you very much, whatever it is!
    now run away from here, not to fall into the temptation of going to see .... ha ha!

    Come and see your partner in "Holiday swap on my blog!
    kisses, Caterina

  16. This is a very exciting project. I love the colours and the mysterious shades! And yes, you are very fast! Or are we slow?

  17. Poe's house has a real dark mysterious presence - it's so well made, Ira!!

    And the dragon is like your wands - natural and strong, if you know what I mean. Love him!!

  18. Me encantan las fotos semioscuras en las que puede aparecer cualquier cosa...uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh jejejeje
    Un trabajo fantastico!!!
    La cabeza de dragon un buena idea!!!
    besitos ascension

  19. Todella todella hieno talo, näin tiivistettynä ilmauksena. Wow. O_O

  20. Thanks girls :) I also like a lot how the dark interior has turned out, a happy suprise :) It would be perfect to get some foggy ghost in there, but really don't know how in the earth you can do that?

    Star - I did some googling and it seems that there's no dollhouse shop in Kokkola, but I found one craft store there, I don't know if they have still water, but some rusting stuff was on their pages. I'll see a bit more around if I can find any information :)

  21. Thank you very much for taking time helping me!
    If I can get the adress to the craft store I would smile from ear to ear. :)


  22. Its looking great very Gothic, love the dragon skull too.

  23. ciao,
    Too good, you found the right tone, you need some human skull?
    you can do it in resin as many as you want ...

  24. It's fabulous Ira, wonderfully mysterious atmosphere.

  25. Wow amazing...I love it.

    You do work so quickly :-)

  26. Upeaakin upeampi talo!! Mielettömän ihana tuo sisustuksen värimaailma!