keskiviikko 16. kesäkuuta 2010

Caterina's Holiday Swap - Welcome to the Scottish Highlands :)

This is where I'll invite Taenia with me for a holiday, I've never been there but it's one of my dream destinations to visit :)

And this is where we will be staying, Dunalastair Holiday Cottage in Pitlochry, doesn't it look fab!

So welcome and hope you enjoy my mini-holiday :)

You better watch out those horns :D

We've had visitors for the whole day today, so no minies done. Tomorrow will be busy also as I have to pack the kids clothes as they are leaving for 2 week holiday to Agios Nikolaos, Creta with my parents :) And Saturday we'll go to our friends wedding, so I hope that I get something done this weekend.

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  1. Oh, wow! What a post! I was in Scotland once long long time ago and loved the whisky distillery in Pitlochry:D Good whisky!;)Scotland is really beautiful and I hope one day you will visit it Ira:)
    And I vistited Agios Nikolaos once when I was on Criti/Crete Island too:D I am sure your family will have a wonderful hollidays there! :)

  2. I agree with you; Scotland is simply one of the best places I have ever been. Despite of bad weather ;o)

  3. Wonderful destination! Can I come too? (I'm combining all the holidays that I see!)
    Kisses, Flora

  4. Oh, take me too!!! The last picture looks like me when I woke up this morning.

  5. Scotland is the most beautiful place I have visited with my husband many years ago ... I love its hills, the music of bagpipes, men in kilts .. and even the cows! ha ha!
    Cyprus must also be a good place, I'm happy to know that you will do your real holiday there!

  6. Can I come with you? Can I, can I?? I'll carry your bags, and do the driving (as I can drive on the left side of the road), and we could stop off in Edinburgh to see some tenements like Irene's house, and . . .and . . .and. . .;)

  7. Wonderful virtual holidays! In future I hope to visit this wonderful place but for now can I dream with you? ;O)

  8. Ewa - wouldn't those houses/castles be fab to do in mini? And yes, they'll have fab time there, they go there every summer :)

    Rosanna - oh I envy you, I guess that I'll be in the retirement home before I get to go there :D

    Flora&Glenda - yes please, just pack you bags, Glenda can do all the driving so we can have some Frizzantino (just bring some) as I'm not big fan of beer or whisky :D And Glenda, if you'll do the driving, it's up to you where we'll end :D

    And there's still room for you Mari :)

    I'm now washing the second load of laundry, the whole day has been totally shitty, haven't gotten anything done that I was supposed to as all other things have come up. Hate it when my plans get changed.

  9. WOW! this is great, fantastic, I love it, enjoy it.

  10. Beautiful collection of pics Ira, Scotland is indeed a lovely place in summer but I don't think you could tempt me to visit in winter, especially as I don't like whisky so none of that to keep me warm.

    Hey Carol, seems we are similarly unkempt in the morning cos I think those cattle have the same morning hair as me too ;)

  11. Spectacular place to visit. Im good with rain so scotland would be fine for me too!
    Love the last picture, lol.
    Nikki xxx

  12. Wonderful photos I love Scotland the landscapes are amazing.