keskiviikko 30. kesäkuuta 2010

A new house :D

Found this in the local store and had to buy it as it was on sale, only 25 euros :)

It's 17cm (204cm) wide from inside, 22 cm (264cm) high to the straight part and with the roof the over all height is 30 cm (360cm) and it's 40 cm (480cm) long. The whole roof comes off.

Now I just have to decide what to do with it - it would be perfect as it is as a greenhouse but I'm totally hopeless with the flower kits :D Or it would be a nice witches house also, have a tatched roof and do the walls with plaster and tiles showing here and there. I'm tempted to do the witch house as I'm itching to start it and have to build it from scratch.

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  1. Oh wow! Great find! I love it!Before I've read what you wrote I was thinking it would be just perfect for your witches house! That would be the same style with forgotten greenhouse!:)Perfect building!

  2. This is a great find. It will be interesting to see what you decided to do with it.

    Debie xxxx

  3. Why can't I ever find a bargain like this????!!!! It's lovely as is but would be beautiful as a conservatory/greenhouse! I am also wanting to branch out from hydrangea's and have ordered a few more punches to try some other plants! I have a real desire to try geraniums.


  4. It's lovely, what a great find.. I'm going with the Witchy Theme. Can't wait to see what you do with

  5. Yep, this would be a great companion to the neglected greenhouse. If you thatch on the back part of the roof and leave much of the glass intact, you get the added bonus of having a clear view to the inside and a dust shield. Have fun!


  6. Ira,
    dein Tempo ist atemberaubend!!!
    Ich finde es zu schmal und zu niedrig für ein Hexenhaus.
    Ein Hexenhaus hat zwei oder drei Zimmer und eine krumme Treppe innen.
    Jetzt krieg ich auch schon Lust, ein Hexenhaus zu machen.
    Vielleicht kannst du ja anbauen.
    Ansonsten, wie wäre es denn, mal etwas romantisches zu machen.

    Tschüß Nina

  7. This is such a great find! I can't find anything like that in Greece!
    It's great for a greenhouse, but I would like to see it as a witche's house too!

  8. Well done Ira, I think it was waiting just for you to discover it. I agree with Tabitha, a great companion for your greenhouse.

  9. Good morning Ira. What a great find! A witchs house would be very interesting. I can see the thatched roof, and partially finished/ cracked and peeling plaster walls. cant wait to see it finished. Have a great day, thank you for visiting my blog xoxo Christel

  10. Una magnifica compra!!!!
    A ver ideas para hacer dentro de ese invernadero?.............algo para brujas? jejejeje
    Se nota que es mi tema favorito? jejejejeje
    besitos ascension

  11. Soon you'll have more dollhouses as the Victoria and Albert Museum!

  12. What a great find, it would make a great greenhouse, but I hope you go for the witches cottage, we can do our cottages together then :0)
    Julia xx

  13. Ira, I can't wait to see what you do with the new building! I have several of those types of "greenhouses". They lend themselves to lots of ideas. Have fun with it!

  14. Ira, great found at a great price!!! Whatever you decide to do it will be lovely!!!
    That's for sure!
    Warm regards,

  15. Que preciosidad!!! Ideal para un invernadero, pero cualquier otra escena seguro que se verá fantástica. Besos

  16. ¡Que compra más fantastica has hecho! Es muy bonito.
    ¿Que vas a hacer? ¡Que ganas tengo de saberlo!
    Besitos, May

  17. A great buy Ira. You are right, although it sceams 'greenhouse' it would be fun to do something unexpected with it.

  18. Thank you all for the opinions, I'm still unsure what to do with it. It really would be perfect greenhouse, done in old English style with some primroses and of course MOSS :D

    Or if it's done for the witch, I have to have additions to it, as it's too small to fit the kitchen/living space and the bedroom. An enterance would be easy one to do or a porch like Julia's Gertie has :) But then the bedroom part would be a more difficult one as there can't be a second floor due the loose roof.

    Or of course I can be "smart" and go buy another one as there were three of them for sale :D

  19. Ira I think it´s perfect for a greenhouse, but I´m suspect as I love greenhouses,

  20. Ooh its fab Ira, I would go for the witchy theme, it would be perfect for that !
    julie xx

  21. O my, 3 of them??? Yes, I will grab them all ! I just love how it looks even as is. Buy all 3 and build all that you want, Ira! I can send you flowers :).

  22. Wow what a great find.

    Keep practicing with the'll get into it soon :-)