keskiviikko 2. kesäkuuta 2010

Greenhouse evolving and some drunken skellies :)

Here's what I've done to the greenhouse today:

I don't know if I should put tiles also in the middle of the wall and on the top - what do you think? And I would like to do something to the windows, any ideas?

Sonya's pumpkins have moved to the garden :)

And the skellies - this is what happens when you leave four of them unsupervised with a bottle of whisky:

My daughter had some fun yesterday :D
I have to show you one of her school works that she brought home today, I think it's fantastic!

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  1. Oh the picture is fab! I love the way your daughter posed the skellies!:) You have talented young lady home :)Greenhouse with the walls looks briliant:) Maybe some stainedglass windows? On the roof perhaps? Or dividing the window into small little square panes?

  2. Your green house looks wonderful. I looked at a close up of the plants, they are gorgeous!!!

  3. wow- those skellies had a heck of a party! I love your daughter's artwork! What medium is it?

  4. El jardin esta genial, te ha quedado tan real!!!!
    A los esqueletos les tienes que controlar el whisky jejejejeje
    besitos ascension

  5. Thank you all :)

    Kim - it's made with coal on a blue paper.

    Ewa - I would love some stained glass, but I tried to do some for Poe's windows and they looked like crap, I have to see if they would have the thin lead strips in Finland.

    Ascension - yes, I think I'll have to do some supervising on those little party animals :D

  6. I'd keep it rustic Ira and not add tiles. I think I might add some wood in the middle of the large windows (for frames).

    The garden is great and those drunken skeletons! lol

    Michelle xx

  7. WOW what a transformation! its looking fantastic, although I agree with Oldmaid & Michelle that perhaps making some smaller frames within the large glass panels would make it look more greenhousey :o)
    I had a good giggle at your skellingtons drunken shannanigans LOL and your daughter is a very talented artist indeed! :o)

  8. Ira the plants surrounding the greenhouse are beautiful!

  9. How nice ... You see that you enjoy with your family all together: is a great chance to share their interests. Incidentally, you all have a wild imagination!
    Beautiful design.
    The greenhouse is being a charm.
    I am awaiting developments :-)

  10. Your daughter's work is impressive indeed! I am so happy the 4 skellies looked like they had even more fun than ever before!