maanantai 7. kesäkuuta 2010

More cake stands, candle snuffers and a black eye :D

I've done some more cakestands today and theses candle snuffers, they turned out quite nicely :) They are all painted as I didn't have the same colour beads, bells and wire. Also did a felt bag.
I'll most probably have a black eyey this evening... I was taking a horse to the paddock and she for some reason panicked and tried to go through the gate ropes. So the upper rope stuck to her head and she just went forward with the result that the rope came off behind her ears right to my face with quite force as it was really thight like a huge sling shot. So, now I have a headache again with some new facial decorations :D Here's a pic, a shock warningn, I haven't even shaped my eyebrows :D

Now off to make some more bags :)

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  1. I am sorry for you! The horses are fast-no-reasons-alarmists quite often. I hope it won't be black eye anyway.
    Beautiful minis! I love the candle snuffers!What are they made of? Are they hard to make? I should do one for Snape I think :)

  2. OUCH! I am so sorry to hear it. What a week you have had.
    Maybe the dog told the horse you threw up on him and the horse decided he didn't want to risk the same fate. ;-)
    The candle snuffers and stands are really nice!

  3. Hope you don't end up with a black eye! And I hope your luck turns. Wonderful candle snuffers!

  4. Siento mucho tu accidente.
    Te ha quedado todo maravillosamente bien!!!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Vaya que mala pata¡¡¡ Siento ese accidente. Te quedo todo perfecto, pero los apagavelas me chiflan¡¡

    Abrazos Carmen

  6. I hope you'll feel better soon!Very bad experience I think!
    Take care yourself!
    ps: your cake stands and candle snuffers are fantastic!

  7. was a really bad adventure.
    The important thing is that it ended only with an eye black
    Regards and compliments for your cake stands and candle snuffers

  8. Thanks ladies :) Now it looks like that I won't get a black eye which I'm really happy about. And Catherine :D

    Ewa, those snuffers are made from these tiny Christmas bells for dollhouses, just cut the jingle part away, added a wire and different beads and then painted the whole thing. Easy as it gets :)

  9. Ouch! Ropes can really hurt, eh? On the plus side, I really love the stands and candle holders! (And your eyebrows :)

  10. Beautiful cake stands and candle snuffers :-) Sorry for your eye...

  11. Thanks Ira! Will try it if I find those bells here ;)

  12. When stories of your adventures, and simultaneously, shows everything you can do, I am ashamed of myself!
    You are an example to follow, with your vitality and enthusiasm.
    I hope the black eye heals quickly, but then: not your favorite color?

  13. Flora :D Yes, black is my favorite colour :D