lauantai 15. toukokuuta 2010

Annie's mini suprise gift :) And some oriental stuff

Well, it isn't a suprise anymore, but it is kind of as I just did it for fun, her not knowing. So here's what leaving to Denmark to Annie's shop on Monday.

There's some gardening items for her little fairies to help in Annie's mini gardens :)

I did a third headband and added a bunch of roses

Some filigree bowls for display, figue soap and powder cases

I feelt to so something colourful so I went a bit for oriental

Some day, hopefully soon, they will fly far, far away ;)

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  1. What a gorgeous collection of lovely things!!
    You have a great knack for choosing gifts to suit the person - I'm sure Annie will be pleased!!

  2. Oh Glenda is so right! I am sure the second person is going to love her/his oriental gift:) Love all the flowers you showed:)

  3. Seguro que cuando los reciba, le van a encantar, son una maravilla!!
    besitos ascension

  4. Ira...I´m speachless and deeply touched. This is such a generous gift... THANKS for beeing who you are and beeing out there, generous and warmhearted, and good at knowing people ;0)

  5. Thank you for yourself, I've enjoyed your blog so much and had such a fun time "talking" to you :) I really enjoyed doing those little items, I have so many things that I like but really can't do mini houses on all of them, so I can fullfil my needs and do such stuff to people who have houses/scenes in that style already :)

  6. Oh and had to add that I haven't made those shovels etc. myself - don't think that I'm that good :D

  7. How wonderful ... This is very nice thing to upload their mini treasures from across the world: cancel distances and cultural barriers. You and Annie have such a creative talent that I am sure you enjoy your respective skill :-)

  8. You are so kind Ira, what a great collection of wonderful gifts for Annie. Look forward to seeing them in the new home :)

  9. I knew Annie would just love her gifts. You are really good, my dear. The "Charleston" accessories are beautiful!! Where do you find feathers so tiny? I know exactly how you feel about surprise gifts :) You will always wonder ...:)

    But I have to say WOWWEEWOO, that little Oriental vase is tooooooo pretty! A bead? Did you make the flower too? And that silver set? Stupendous!! Is that from Eurominis or don't tell me you made them?

  10. O yes,is that paper? or Cloth (the pic with the Oriental set). Very pretty!

    So is the one you chose for the Poe's house, btw.

  11. Where in the heck has my comments dissappered? So here we go again, thank you all again :)

    Sans, yes, the vase is a bead and the flower is made of plastic flower pieces. And the silver set is actually brass and heck no, do you think I could do something like that :D It's from a craft shop, I don't think it's Eurominies. The paper behind is scrapbooking paper, quite oriental :)

    I don't know if you'll read this again, but guess where the little things are going to fly right when I get some more oriental things done? Any guesses ;)

  12. India? :)

    I almost always subscribe to comments of posts I have commented on. :):) Unless the writer does not reply but I know you do :)

  13. Well, they will fly to someones Maharaja's Palace, do you know anyone who has one :D

  14. Ira, you are so generous, the things fits perfectly with Annies things for the shop. I know she will treasure them very much.
    Love, Susanne

  15. ::):)):):):):)


    Actually I do not know anyone who has a Maharaja's Palace. One may be built though , hopefully within the next 10 years by Sans!

    My Maharaja has however sent word to inform that all gifts are welcomed immediately , no need to wait 10 years. And rooms at the palace may be named after generous patrons :) How does Mah-IRA-ja Chamber sound to you?

  16. Yes, really :) And it sound really nice :D But you'll have to wait a bit, as there's a couple of things I want to still do, but I promise, it won't take 10 years :D

    Btw, have you thought of building the palace room by room? Like series of roomboxes which you can then top on each other - this way you could do it ready room by room. That is actually a way I would like to build a big house, I hate it for example with my Lily that I have to have all the flooring and wall coverings ready and done before assembling the house, it would be so much easier and nicer to do it piece by piece.