sunnuntai 23. toukokuuta 2010

Poe's kitchen getting ready :)

I have the back wall, one light and the ceiling beams ready, now I have to do the kitchen range which isn't going to be that easy, at least for me :)

On the right side wall will come a dry sink and the built in range and maybe a small bench if I can fit one. One the left side wall there's a door to the official enterance hall (which doesn't excist yet).

And here's a pic of this fabulous card that Sonya sent me, it's from Paris :) Thank you a lot, it's on our livingroom mantle so I can see it nicely :)

8 kommenttia:

  1. The card is beautiful! But I absolutely love what you've done with the Poe's kitchen! Fab!

  2. WOW!!! I can't get over how fast you are! The kitchen looks wonderful. In this shot sort of creepy too. It's just the lighting though.

    YES, the card is beautiful! I used to be able to find them in the USA but they are gone now. Do you still have the info on the back that tells you who makes those cards? I sure would appreciate it if you would leave that on my blog if you do.

  3. This kitchen gives me a sense of restlessness and anxiety and I think you would do this in the Poe house. The floor is just beautiful. You are very inspired by this work and it shows... I am very curious to see how it will stay stove and sink: I love the Victorian kitchen!
    Oh, I forgot: ask to Mr. Sellington if he knows some old remedy for headache :-(

  4. Well, Mr.Skellington doesn't have any brain any more so all he has is some skull aches :D

    Have you tried to massage your temples and between the eyes? I have these terrible head aches and sometimes it helps if I push really hard with a couple of fingers right between the eyebrowns.

    Hope that you get well soon :)

    Ewa, thanks :) I think that Poe's kitchen would go well with Snypes office, you can tell him that he can borrow it for he's potion manufacturing if necessary :D

    Catherine, I posted the manufacturers link to your blog. And I'm happy that you think that the kitchen is creepy as it's just what I want it to be :)

  5. I can't get over how you are building everything almost from scratch. I am kind of stuck as well trying to figure out how to do my kitchen range. I must say though that your Tosacno kitchen is coming along soooooo wonderfully. There's one pic of your kitchen that looked so realistic. Let me get back to that post and tell you which one.

    I love these pop up cards especially if they are architectural.

  6. Thanks :)

    I'll take the package to the post tomorrow, as I was missing one thing from it :) And I'll shock your mom tonight :D