sunnuntai 9. toukokuuta 2010

I want to win in a Lottery.

I've been torturing myself for the whole evening surfing in internet and cheking out some Bespaq/JBM and similar furniture. They are so wonderful but so are also the prices. And because I'm not a millionare I really can't afford to buy a whole houses interior such furniture. The worst thing is that I have a Bespaq sofa and a really good quality buffet and Josje's wonderful trunk and with those kind of furniture the cheaper ones are too bulky and cheap looking. And I should fill a 8 room house with nice stuff - it's probably going to be a 30 year project if I really don't win in Lottery :D

Today has been almost non-mini day, as we had a lunch at my mother-in-laws place to celebrate Mother's day. I ate way too much and now feel so stuffed that can't concentrate on anything. I did the stair railings for Toscana house and a mini teddy bear from chenille pipe cleaner for my mother-in-law, but didn't take any pics of it. Would like to watch a movie, but the rest of this family are watching ice-hockey from 2 tellys and I don't feel like going to the quest house so more googling to be done.

Well, did order some nice stuff yesterday, 4 Poe's books for Poe house so he will have some reading :)

I'm also trying to find some witchy/sorcerer thing I could do in mini as I love all the witchy stuff :)

I'll keep on torturing myself by looking those fab furniture :D

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  1. me too!! I want to win and not tell anybody~

  2. There are some gorgeous and expensive minis out there, for sure :) I find myself looking at some artisan pieces and wishing I could afford to support their makers. And I have a list of Bespaq/JBM items I'd love to have, too!

    It's true that one has to be very careful when mixing really high end and really low end pieces, but I guess that's part of the challenge of working at this hobby on a budget!

  3. I think we all do it Ira, be this or that maker. I think the key is to carefully mix cheaper items with more expensive ones. I'd go for a more expensive key piece or two in a room and then have smaller cheaper items with it. :o) I know some peeps will wait years and only buy the things they really want, not sure I'd want to though! lol

    Michelle xxx

  4. It took me a while when I began to buy and collect minis that a room or house needs to have all the same 'look'.
    The few bits of high end stuff that I do have and can't use will be purely for a collection. What I want is one of those old printer's trays with lots of little compartments to show it off. Or maybe make very small settings, like just a table.
    And yes, winning the lottery is like, well, winning the lottery!

  5. You all are so right :) It's just really hard to see from the pics in the web pages which cheaper stuff is really good and which isn't, I've had a couple not nice suprises when opening the package.

    The funny thing is, that I keep thinking that 50 euros for a bed is so much, but at the same time I can use the same amount for books - go figure... :D

    And that's what I did for the Poe house, although I did order a couple of art books for Toscana house also :)

  6. There are just too many gorgeous things to buy. I am trying to learn how to make as many things as possible in order to spend money on the really important pieces.
    You are very talented at improvisation and creating style, now all we need is a bit of patience!
    I am learning not to rush but it is hard.

  7. Ira I agree with the previous comments. I think a couple of key pieces (of the more expensive type) can set the scene nicely and you can add less expensive or hand-built things to fill the room. Perhaps you could make this a long-term project and add pieces as you can buy or make them in between other projects. It'll probably have a lot more character anyway than if you bought everything at once and just put them in position.

  8. Yes, you're both so right :) And Margaret - long term sounds terrible - me and patience don't go together too well :D But yes, it's going to be a long term project as there's so many rooms in the house and I try to do everything well in it :)

  9. There are so many beautiful yet pricey pieces Ira I agree. We could all do with a lotto win :-)

    I think one of the problems is that minis are so tiny and sometimes you need so many tiny things to fill a space it does get really expensive.