lauantai 15. toukokuuta 2010

It's all the time too nice weather!

It's been wonderful again today, so had to do some work outside. And I came to the conclusion that I have way too many flower beds - I hate weeding. I actually have 15 quite large beds and a large potager which all need too much taking care of - I love roses so the flowerbeds are full of them with tulips, daffodils, lilies and poppies. Here's some greetings from the garden :)

This last flower, fritilliria bucharica which is quite difficult to get flower. Next to it grows some fritillaria aureomarginatas which seem not to be flowering this year.

Here's what I've done today, a bit different:

Compact powder cases, 1920's feathered headbands and those lace things meant around the tigh. The gold head band is made of antique metal wire ribbon with peacock feathers and the black one has ostrich feathers.  These little minies are actually made from inspiration of Annie's shop and could move there but  you can say honestly if you don't want them, I'll figure out some place to put them, I won't be offended :)

The big round basket is again a test piece, it will go to some run down garden filled with leaves.
I also did a first try to make a silk men's cylinder for Mr. Poe, but my glue really didn't work with that silk taffeta - it looks like a dozen ravens have pooped on it :D

Now off to feed the dogs, then some cooking and minies hopefully :)

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  1. Yes it's different, but beautyfull!!!

  2. Oooh yes very twenties flappers style great idea! have a lovely weekend, hope the sun stays shining for you, Kate xx

  3. Okay, I'm laughing at the dozen pooping ravens ... :) VERY Poe, my dear!

    I love those headdresses -- I can just imagine the kind of lively woman who would have worn them!

  4. Ohhh heart took a big jump of joy, when I saw my name mentioned. I would be more than delighted to display those pretty headpieces in the shop. I adore them!!! Such a gesture thinking of me...thanks :0)

    How can the weather be that sunny and beautiful i Finland, when it´s cold, rainy and windy in Denmark these days. No gardening here, instead I went to my mums house helping her to make panels for her new house...

  5. Well, good, I'm happy :) I just wanted to do something different today and I love your corset shop and the athmosphere on the pictures :)

    Well, I don't know, we have had now 3 days in a row with a over 30 degrees in sun! And they've said that the whole next week is going to be like this also, well, I don't mind, but it's too hot to clean the greenhouse as it's over 45 degrees inside there... And evenings are my mini time, no gardening.

    I just realized that I ripped some corydalises away as weeds - I never remember what I've planted and where and then these "OH SHIT"-moments come later...

    I decided that I won't buy any plants this year, I have a tendecy to over do things like planting over 7000 bulbs in autumn or going crazy with hemerocallises and buying 50 of them... You can imagine that I have a overgrown garden in a couple of years :)

  6. Oh lucky girl!
    In Italy rain rain rain!
    I want sunshine!

  7. Hi Ira. Beautiful flowers in your garden and wonderful gifts for Annie: you're an artist full of enthusiasm, initiative and talent. The tiaras of the '20s are perfectly in line with the atmosphere of the Annie shop and seems to guess her expression when she saw them :-)
    Today, when I put the compact powder in the bathroom, I thought of you: I've got ten years and is now to replace it :-)

  8. The flowers in your garden are beautiful! And again like in Denmark in Poland it is cold (when you think it's May...) and rainy! Strange weather this year:)The flappers headbands are sweet! Not suprise Annie likes them:) Love the basket:) As for the glues and taffeta: it is really hard work...I know.;)

  9. Me encanta tu jardin y sus preciosas flores!!!
    Enhorabuena por esas minis tan bonitas
    besitos ascension

  10. I love the way you just seem to be able to knock up the most stylish items with just a few things you have to hand.
    So impressive, you must have been an artist in another life!

  11. Thank you all, a lot :)

    And I have to tell you that it's really hot still here, but it's good that it's warm as I can't wait for all the tulips to start blooming :)

  12. So you are a gardener, too! The fritillaria is to die for!
    This collection is fab!
    And the basket - I'm in awe - (I only make things where I can hide the workings) - making a see-through scares me - well done indeed :)

  13. Glenda, I'll send you one of my baskets and you truly will be in awe - of the amoung of glue spots visible and missed parts when painting :D That's why it will be a leaf basket, full of them :D

    And yes, gardening is a hobby of mine, I collect roses, hemerocallises and rare bulbs. And there's too much of them already, I have over 100 rose varieties, mostly historical ones. I've decided that I won't buy any plants this year but see how the garden grows and divide some old stuff. And that leaves me more money on my minies :D