perjantai 21. toukokuuta 2010

Thank you so much Sonya :)

Sonya's package arrived today and here are the wonderful minies that were inside:

In addition there were a sheet of laser cut butterflies which come very handy when building the garden. And this fabulous 3D house card from Paris, I'll put it together tonight and take a picture of it. Thank you so much once more :)

And here's what Mr. Skellington and Mini-Me have been doing for the whole day, you would imagine that his groin should be hurting by now :D

*edit* shoot, I forgot to put Mr.Skellingtons pic here :D

I decided to be lazy today and tackle rest of the nettles tomorrow, today is a mini day :)

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  1. ... Wow ...what a beautiful miniatures you have received from Sonya ... understandable that you're happy now
    groetjes Ingrid

  2. ouch for the nettles.... I dont blame you needing a day off from them! a new mini will be heading your way soon as you have won 'Sleepyhead' in my blog giveaway :o) can you please email your address to me at

  3. OMG, you can't be serious! *happy jumping around the house* :D

  4. Wow! Ira congrats on winning the give-away! You lucky girl! And the minis from Sonya are fab!

  5. Ira,
    I am happy that everything has arrived safe. The Italian Posts are making miracles!!!!
    I am happy that you like and I hope these miniatures can find a place in your projects.
    A big big hugs!

  6. Most of it is already in place in Toscana house, I'll take some pictures this weekend when I get some building work done with it :)


  7. Oh Mr Skellington has a little friend!:)(now I know what Mini Me meant;)

  8. What fabulous gifts - especially the flowers!!

    Regards to Mr S! :D

  9. Your such a 'gifted' woman... ;0) I didn´t get to the postoffice this week, but I hope to monday after work. Out here on the countryside the postoffice is only open for a few hours and often in my workinghours. Then there will be a surprice coming your way...

    I have to ask about the wallpaper, is it printed and would you reveal from where? I love both the pattern and the colour. Did you use glasspaint for the chair too, it looks great!

  10. What wonderful items! Such pretty vases, especially.


  11. Annie, it's scarpbooking paper by graphic 45, I think it's sold all over world. If you can't find any, I can get some for you and send it :)

    Jody, aren't they :)

  12. Qu precioso trabajo el de Sonya, enhorabuena!!
    besitos ascension