maanantai 17. toukokuuta 2010

Mr.Skellington, my little skeleton friend

Glenda just gave hime this fab name, Mr.Skellington, isn't it that just perfect :D But as I've had so much fun with him lately I thought that he needs some friends, so... there will be 10 more :D And I have this little Mini-Me Mr.Skellington, I have to take a pic of him tomorrow, when I find him, he's really good in hiding :D

I have this crazy, maybe stupid idea to put one Mr. or Mrs.Skellington (or both) in every house I'll make and make the Skellingtons fit the house theme :D I've always said that I don't want any dolls in the houses, but well, skeletons are a bit different story, right? The Skellington in Toscana house would be sitting in the garden with her sun hat having a cup of espresso and enjoying the weather, in the Venetian house they would have fab mask ball going on (well, they really don't need any masks as every one of them looks just the same), Poe would be just Poe with his pooped hat and think about a shabby chic Mrs. Skellington, wouldn't she be fab! I might even do a shabby chic house and paint her pink :D

I actually have been thinking that a Dia De Los Muertos house would be fab to make, so I might do it and pop all the Skellingtons there.

Well, anyways, 10 more Skellingtons moving here and I'll sure have fun time with them :D
Or maybe I should sleep more, as I find all these skeletons, taxidermy birds, bird skeletons and Nina's dead pheasants cute...

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  1. Yes, yes, yes!!
    And a Dia De Los Muertos house sounds excellent! I've been thinking about a voodoo house, but it still creeps me out just a little bit - Ericka van Horn does neat stuff.
    BTW, skulls - I'm going to buy a vampire skull from here -
    They look really good and they're not expensive.
    Waaah!! I can't buy anything until after I've moved - the stupid postal system will re-direct letters but not parcels. Nuisance!

  2. Me again!! The link I gave above was to Dfly's website - if you go to her Etsy shop you 'll see an E.A.Poe writing desk -

  3. Thansk for the links, the vampire skull is excellent! And the Poe book is fab, I have to see how I can fit all the stuff in the house, as I've already ordered a letter writing scene from Eva :)

  4. I do love Mr Skellington but the idea that there might be a whole family of them is a little unnerving!! ;)

  5. An omnipresent skeleton! I love the idea! Congratulations to Glenda for the name!

  6. Norma, don't you think that they would have a wonderful time together? And think about how much fun they will have at Christmas time, all wearing jingle bell hats and doing merry go round - bones rattling and jingle bells jingling :D

    I think that I should get my head examined...:D

  7. Why don't you like dolls, Ira?:) Actually, to me, skeletons are also dolls, they are just realllllllly skinny dolls. I think with dolls or skeletons, a scene takes on a very different light. Like a personality and a story. Imagine pooped hat in the garden by itself and then imagine pooped hat on Mr Skellington in the same garden. Both will tell it differently but with Mr Skellington, the story of the hat can change. Just my 2 cents worth I to need more sleep before I start being confusing:)

  8. Dear Ira, this idea of "ten little Skellington" is a love :-)
    Once on the road, the imagination run free. You can review "The corpse bride" by Tim Burton freshening inspiration ...
    Lucky that you sleep a little to think about things so sweet ... I always dream that some dwarf armed with a knife trying to kill me!
    Much better Mr. Skellington!

  9. Sans, I do like dolls, but the ones that I would love to have are so out of my budget (I would need all of them custom made) so better to be without :) And yes, I'll be having these anorectic dolls in my houses, they've been reading too much womens magazines :D

    And houses without dolls - the ones that I won't put a Skellington in, I'm trying to do a bit abandoned look to them, just like someone has vanished in the middle of the morning coffee.

    Flora - I loved The corpse bride, it was a fab movie. The colours and the athmosphere in it was wonderful :) And yes, I think that skellingtons are much better than dwarfs with knives!

  10. Me encanta la idea de ver a 10 Skellington, como muñequitos de las casas (a mi personalmente, me gustan mas ellos que las muñecas tradicionales, quizas tenga que visitar al psiquiatra jejeje)
    Estoy deseando ver todas las ideas que tienes en la cabeza, hechas ya en miniatura.
    besitos ascension

  11. Goof to know Ascension that I'm not the only weird one liking the skeletons :D

  12. Oh I love the idea of 10 Mr Skellingtons! Can't wait to see all of them together!:)