perjantai 28. toukokuuta 2010

Wonderful gifts from Glenda and Annie :)

Sorry for the mistake Glenda - I was just reading Norma's blog and then writing this post so everyone, all these fabulous carpets, the wand and the baskets are from GLENDA - all these paint fumes are probably starting to melt my brain... :D

I really feel like spoiled brat after opening the packages that arrived today :)

This is what Glenda sent:

These carpets are just amazing! The white one will go to Toscana houses kitchen and the white with long pile to Toscana houses atelier. The gray and white will be just perfect for my black&white house, to which I'm collecting stuff. And this little wand, it's just perfect for Poe as there's a little ravens head hanging from it. The wand is made by Ericka van Horn. Here's a little closer pic

And then there were these fab baskets:

Thank you so much Glenda :)

And then there's Annies package, look all the stuff that were in it:

The birdhouses and birdbath are just like made to my greenhouses garden :) And those fab pine finials, they are just perfect for my Toscana house. The gold framed lady is also going to Toscana house but the dragonfly will be tangling in my keychain :) The ornamental metal plate is just fabulous on it's own, but it could also be a wall hanging, a carpet etc. I think that I'll try to do some tiles with it also :) And the colour of the ribbon is just perfect to Toscana house.

And these books, Poe has some reading to do :)

And then there's this corset, it will either go to Toscana houses bedroom or to Poe house to wait for his loved one to return - nevermore :D

Thank you so much Annie, all these things are just fab!

You both ladies are just so wonderful, this mini blogging has introduced me to so many fab people :)

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  1. Congratulations! You are so lucky to recieve these lovely things. Norma and Annie have such an eye for miniworld.
    I know the ornamental metal plate, It´s great, I´ve used it as a table top in my house.
    Love, Susanne

  2. How wonderful! You are rewarded for your generosity and frenetic activity of shipments
    worldwide :-)

  3. You are a lucky girl! Beautiful gifts! Congrats! I am a bit jealous ;)- you have a wand made by Ericka van Horn!Fab!

  4. Enhorabuena por tus regalos, son todos una maravilla!!
    besitos ascension

  5. Glad you like 'em! Glad they arrived - I was getting worried about the time they spent in postland.

  6. What a lovely collection of parcels. It is nice to know that you have friends who know the best way of saying thank you.
    Enjoy playing with your super gifts.

  7. Your Toscano house will be a perfect little treasure trove of friendship and love :). nd so will your Poe's.

    All fabulous gifts:). Generosity begets generosity.

  8. Aren't they all fab :) I'm really little puzzled with all these fab gifts that I've gotten and getting :D

    Today has to do some construction, as certaing 3 little guys can't live without a house, but I think that they need to participate on the construcion work :D