perjantai 7. toukokuuta 2010

Bathroom got a sink :)

This mini crafting is unbelievable SLOW. All I've gotten done today is this sink for the bathroom and a jar full of cotton balls.

The sink unit is a cheap Eurominies washstand from which I ripped off the decorative mouldings from the top. The sink is a ready one and the blug is made from a earring stopper that I painted black. Now have to figure out how to make an shower unit as I want to do a couple of walls ready today.

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  1. Your bathroom looks great. Your jars, shelf and your towel look fab. Love the sink and taps too :0)
    Julia xx

  2. Oh Ira... Very nice also the sink! This bathroom is in line with the rest of the house, so clear and elegant. I also love the shelf: you did it yourself? I'm looking for it desperately (I made some attempts: all failed!) for the bathroom at Villa Elisa. I am stuck with the job just because I have'nt shelves :-(

  3. A sink is great - love the idea of putting it on the table:) For the shower - maybe the earphones?;)

  4. I love the whole look of this bathroom, it has a 'real' bathroom feel and atmosphere. :o))

    I love the loo, where did you get it? I'd like to get one or two for a project of mine. ;o)

    Michelle xx

  5. Flora - the shelf is a piece of this plastic mirror and the brackets are from a bathroom kit. You can buy nice brackets from various shops, I'll see some links and email them to you :)

    Ewa - you said it! I have to still practise a lot of my mini thinking - my mind still hasn't adjusted to see the potetial of stuff in mini world. Now I just have the problem - where to get one, I don't think that the kids are too happy if I go and cut their earphones... "Well, honey, I know you can't listen to music anymore, but mommy needs a shower head and it's important." :D

    Michelle, the loo is this cheap Euromini thing, I just painted the seat and quite well - it's stuck :D But if you want a really good looking one, Phoenix has this fab kit with the sink, bath, loo and wall cabinet - I've bought one but it's too nice to put to a house where the bathroom isn't too well visible :)

  6. I love your bathroom, great idea with the sink, and the glass with cottonballs is a must!
    Love, Susanne

  7. Ira , I don't think you know the meaning of slow!! Your mini making is amazingly fast, I wish I could be half as slow.
    Great scene as usual.

  8. Me encanta el cuarto de baño enhorabuena !!!

  9. Very beautifull Ira!
    You are working a lot!I'm sure you will finish this house soon!What a pity that we are so far!
    I would like work togheter!
    I have had a look on the site of miele appliances but they don't sell on web and in Italy I don't know if someone sell them!

  10. You have been very real, I love, is very nice. Congratulations
    Carmen .Kises

  11. Great sink, I like the taps.

  12. Ira dear, may I echo Janice's sentiments? Slow? I am away for a couple for a couple of days and I already miss, what 4 posts?

    I really like the sink and the taps. So clever to use the ear ring stopper as a "water stopper". LOL :)