tiistai 4. toukokuuta 2010

Some dog stuff - mommy's little grumpy girl :)

We went on Saturday to this dog testing meant for Central Asian Ovtcharkas/Sredneasiatskaja Ovcharaka's. The idea was to see how well they defend their own space and owner agains an attacker - it's should be in the nature of these dogs as they are used in guarding sheeps from wolves and also to guard premises and owners. The dogs were tied on a tree the owner standing next to her. The tester was a well known former army dog trainer from Ukraine.

Caja was really calm on her place, but when the attacker approached, she got really pissed off as you can see in the picture :)

Doesn't she have fab teeth :D

And when the attacker got to close range, she bit righ away to the jacket and didn't let go.

She got top scores from the test and I'm so, so proud of her as she still has her natural insticts and acts like she should have :)

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  1. What a good dog!!! She's beautiful AND smart, and loves her owner. Good job Caja! :)

  2. Wow! Does she listen when you say stop to her or is she eating the whole of attacker ;) It is good to have the defender like Caja!

  3. You have a very beautifull dog!When I was child I had some dogs but now I live in a flat at the centre of the city and it is impossible to have one.I have a Certosino cat...Minu' and believe me she is like a dog!She defend us if someone (that she doesn't know)enter in the house.

  4. Fiver - yes, she's a smart girl :)

    The Old Maid - I don't know, if the guarding is on a lower level, she stops when I say so, but when it gets that aggressive, I think that she won't stop so easily.

    Sonya - cat's can be dangerous, I'm more afraid of angry cat than angry dog :D

  5. I am a dog-person too Ira, and I agree with your cat-comment...Congratulations on your beautiful smart dog!

  6. Wow Ira she seems really mad i bet the guy was scared lol...

  7. Un gran perro!!!
    Seguro que cuando no esta en guardia, es un perro muy cariñoso.
    Me encantan, son fieles hasta la muerte.
    besitos ascension

  8. hello! good dog! might not think so my three cats!

  9. Terry and Glenda :D Well, she doesn't like cats anymore for some unknown reason, when she was younger she was best friends with our cat.

    She's a bit strange, she's so happy when I give her the cardboard roll of toilet paper and then for some reason she literally eats it - maybe it tastes good? :D

  10. I missed this post somehow Ira, you know your Caja is just like you - once you get your 'teeth' into a project you won't let go ;)

  11. Norma - LOL. Well, I have to say that when I get pissed off, I'm a bit like her also :D