perjantai 14. toukokuuta 2010

Little something done today in the miniworld :)

We had today the most gorgeous wheather here, so had to do some work outside - got the terrace cleaned, did some weeding, washed the living room carpet, cleaned the barbeque "house" so not too much time for minies. I also organized my mini stuff as I had managed to mix everything up again and I couldn't find anything. And I seem to have some huthc-thing going on, I have 5 of them around right now :)

Poe's house got some new furniture and the paper behind will be the livingroom wallpaper with dark mahogany panelling.

I actually was really positively suprised how good quality the sofa and the corner shelving were, they are Eurominies both. I actually like the sofa so much, that I might order some more and just have fun painting and upholstering them in different colours :D The two baskets are my first try to do some and not so succesful pieces I have to admit. And they aren't going to stay in the Poe house.

I fed up with the Toscana houses bathroom wall and did rest of the jewellery on the wall from what I had at home. The little shelf is still empty and there's one hook missing, but those I can do later on. The wall is now glued on, I'll add the door later.

Under the sink there's some cleaning products

16 kommenttia:

  1. Wow, i's very, very beautifull!

    Gr. Jody.

  2. i like you bathroom very much.

    GR Natascha

  3. Pero que preciosidad!!!!
    Me encanta!!!
    besitos ascension

  4. Looking good!!
    Your eye for detail is amazing, Ira!

    I dusted off my wishlist and made a post - too long, but it was good to review it!

  5. Lovely things! I agree that the sofa/settee is super and worthy of repetition! And I love Poe's bathtub -- really gorgeous. The bathroom is so sweet -- I really do want to live in your Toscana house :)

  6. The bathroom is very beautiful, I like it :-))
    groetjes Ingrid

  7. i love the sink and the cleaning products!

  8. I think hutches are addicting. lol

    Love the wall paper and I really love the wall art in the bath. :)

  9. I like your way of decorating your hoses. I love very much the Toscana one but Poe's houses promises a lot.
    I will start with your book+inkewell today. Thanks!!!
    Un beso (a kiss in Spanish)

  10. I love every bit of that bathroom :0) There are so many details and beautiful done too.

    The sofa is great for redecorating and painting in diffenrent style, I´m sure. And I´ve also been looking at tathtub before. I think thats the one to go in the bathroom in Obsidian Hall instead of the brass one I´ve got.

  11. Oh, you blessed that yesterday you had a productive day of sun; from me, instead autumn rain and bad temper! But today is better :-)
    I really like the furniture for Poe House: you know I love the Victorian style. The angular etage also I've got in the living room: it's beautiful, you back in time ...
    I see you had some good jewelry for Toscana house... Did you made yourself? They are beautiful and are very well hung :-)

  12. Beautiful items and I love the bathroom. Was drinking my first cup of coffee this Satruday a.m. and need to head down and get started on some minis myself! We have a funeral at our church at 11 a.m. for a little 90 year old lady whose birthday party would have been tomorrow. So, can't waste what I have of the day! Wish me luck!


  13. What a fab bathroom I love the colour of the bath etc, looking so great! Kate xx

  14. Thank you all :)

    Flora, yes, I did the jewellery myself and they are not that good made, the picture is good :D I made some as I don't want to put your jewellery in the bathroom where it's hidden most of the time, yours is going to the bedroom where I can see them all the time :)

    Jody - hope you get some minies done :) Hope that you have a nice day despite the funeral.

  15. Everything is wonderful, so detailed and so well made!! Looks like the real thing, not miniature! Really incredible!

  16. Ira, why are you fed up with the Toscano house? It's coming along great :). Love all the items you bought for Poe's. Especially the crockery. I just love kitchen and everything Can you imagine I don't even cook?

    You speak about Eurominis like it is our S$2 shops. Is it? If so, you are very lucky!!