torstai 20. toukokuuta 2010

Gifts for Sonya :)

Here's what I've gotten done today, hope you like them Sonya :)

Some Tilda scrapbooking paper and ribbon, crocheted throw (not done by me), chekered napkins and table runner, 2 cutting boards, country hearts, a wreath, star for the wall, metal candle holder and a bread box with cutting board as a lid - hope all these fit your country houses kitchen :)
I'll take the package to the post on Monday,


7 kommenttia:

  1. All very nice and as usual, perfect for the recipient!
    The box for bread and cakes are fabulous!
    You are a treasure:)

  2. Oh, fabulous gifts! Love the bread box and the papers are perfect, all is lovely.


  3. What a lovely gift collection Ira, your generosity knows no bounds!

    By the way - don't forget to email me the rug dimensions!!

  4. What a lovely collection of goodies - I'm sure Sonya will love them! You have the happy knack of knowing exactly what people will love!

  5. I love everything, the bread box, the heart, the wreath, the wipes .... everything is beautiful

    groetjes Ingrid

  6. Ira,
    I am without words!!But how many things have you prepared for me???Very beautiful!!!They are adorable and they will be perfect for my country house! Fantastic!
    You have also answered to my question if is Tilda a mark of Finland.In this period in Italy it is a lot of fashion...I have bought a kit to make an angel of fabric but I have not tried know that I don't know how to sew well....I will leave it to the long winter days!!!!!
    My pack has departed already I hope that it will arrive to you safe....inside there is a surprise from Paris that it seems me in a post of Linda you are liked. It is not really equal but of the same series.
    Love Love Love