torstai 13. toukokuuta 2010

No minies day

After sleeping a bit later today than normal did the stables, walked the dogs for an hour in the woods I felt like doing nothing. We had today the most wonderful warm sunny day, but didn't feel like weeding at all or cleaning the greenhouse, so had a shower and watched Avatar. Then have been just blog hopping and looking around the internet for some minies.

Well, been thinking of the houses I want to do and the list is just growing and growing... But here we go:
1. Bakkery, already excists, a kit - blue, red, white - somewhere Eastern Europe, 1930's
2. Toscana house, already excists - white, cream, gray, greenish gray, black - Toscana, modern
3. Poe's house, combined Greenleaf Primrose and Orchid - black, gray, polished dark mahogany - US, 1870
4. Savannah house, Greenleaf Lily - mahogany, white, cream, blue, brass - US, modern
5. NY apartment, diy - cream, white, bottle green, black, wood - NY, modern
6. Russian house, diy - light wood, red, black, yellow, blue, gold - Russia, Siberia, modern rundown
7. Curiosity shop, diy - dark colours, smoky athmosphere, some Art Nouveau feel to it - early 20th century, somewhere in Europe
8. Black and white house, diy - black, white, gray - modern, no place
9. Gypsy wagon - wine red, gold, black, dark blue, bottle green, lots of embroidery - early 20th century, Eastern Europe, maybe with a witchy twist
10. Greenhouse, diy - well, greenhouse :) - UK, 20th century
11. Venetian villa, diy - stone, gray, red, gold, blue, green, all faded - Venetzia, 19th century

Well, that list should keep me busy :D

I'll do first the Toscana house ready, then just add small things to it and maybe a garden. Then I'll start with the Poe house and try to finish the Bakkery at the same time, there's just something wrong with the interior that I can't figure out what. The kitchen area is fine, but bedroom and shop area may need some new layout. I've started also to collect some pieces for the NY apartment and Russian house, I'll start with the NY apartement first. Lily has to wait, as it's so big and complicated to do that I need to get some of the smaller projects out of the way first. I do have some wallpaper ready for it, so I might do some of the walls ready. 

Here's my inspiration for the NY apartement, I'll see how much of it I can copy:

The apartment is fabulous work of Jean-Louis Deniot

Here's a table that I've bought for the NY apartment, the first piece of furniture for it:
It's fab work of Thomas Saunders

And here's a pic of a FAB dollhouse that I would so much love to try to do :)

Tomorrow I won't walk the dogs but work with my minies for the whole day, it's my free day :)


11 kommenttia:

  1. Oh yes, this dollhouse is very great and I think, there is much of nice work.


  2. It's great to hear your plans for your mini-filled future, Ira! I think Tom's table will be perfect in your NY apartment. Have fun, tomorrow!

  3. What an inspiring list!! No doubt that'll take you a month or so! ;)

    I'd show you my list of want-to-makes, but you'd die laughing!

  4. The Mexican Mansion (last pic) was listed on my blog as an inspirational dollhouse. It is in fact my all time fav. :) This house was sold at an auction for a whopping $217, 500.00. You can see that the estimated value was only $50-75k!

  5. Glenda :D Come on, no one would be laughing :)

    Sans - we have that common, I just LOVE that house :) And what a price, I really don't know would I ever pay that much for a dollhouse even if I had the money.

  6. I am a duffer!
    I have only one house of six rooms and can not proceed successfully even with that!
    After your list, I feel really down!
    Joke .. A big hug and good rest :-)
    Dogs scratching on my part

  7. Wow...what a list!!! I do have a list in my head too, but not a long as yours. And thanks gods for that. I have difficulties sticking to one project and get anything finished. But I know for the future, I´ll go for small house with different themes instead of having a big house with lots of rooms I have to keep in the same style.

    When you were watching Avatar, I was watching 'Under the Tuscan sun'... Lovely movie and lots of inspiration. That´s how miniaturist watch movies. We look for inspiration and notices the background more than the movie itself...

  8. Well, I'm a master of jumping from project to project and having problems of finishing them - at the moment I don't have too much interest in doing the Bakkery and I'll see how the Greenleaf kits come together, I for some reason have a small problem with them as they are open from one side, really difficult to display.

    Avatar was nice, the landscapes etc. fab, it's amazing what they can achieve with computers these days. I should watch the Under the Tuscan sun to get some more inspiration for my Tuscan house. Tonight I'll probably watch Dorian Gray :)

  9. Ira, you do have lots of plans :-)) When I start a new project I have difficulty stopping. My head is than so full of ideas. What a gorgeous interior! . I regularly go to an interior shop to take pictures, which I try to create in miniature.I wish you much pleasure :-))
    groetjes Ingrid

  10. Hi Ira,
    Nice to talk with you, I am a follower of your blog too ;)
    I have answered you in Etsy.
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. Another fabulous list of projects!! Loving the idea of all of them! That green room and the green house too are amazing. Its funny how being a miniaturist you find yourself looking at everything in real size and wondering how you can replicate i t in mini dosnt you!! Good luck with all your ideas. oh and your lazy day sounds like a great one, walking dogs, seeing to the horses, what a lovely life!!Katexx