sunnuntai 16. toukokuuta 2010

Poe's silk taffeta hat - decorated by dozen ravens poop :D

I just had to post a pic of my totally miserable first try to do a mens cylinder from silk taffeta. The glue really didn't work with it so it's showing here and there so the hat looks like a dozen ravens pooped on it :D Well, it might go really well with the Poe house, but I still try to do a nicer one. This first one can go to his garden to be the forgotten hat :)

And warning, Poe here is having some nutritional problems and his other arm seems to be missing...  And sorry for the inferior picture quality, it's too dark here and I hate to use the flaslight.

He's not going to be Mr.Poe, this is my little skeleton guy who tests the houses etc. if they are the right size. But I'm starting to like him more and more, quite symphatetic guy :) And he can be she also if needed, quite convenient :D

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  1. Puedes hacer otro sombrero para Poe, pero ese le queda fantatico a Mr. Esqueleto
    Tengo que intentar hacer un esqueleto para mi escena de bruja.
    besitos ascension

  2. I think I like him! His hat suits him.

    There's a raveny thing about to wing its way to you ;)

  3. It seems that the hat was buried with the dead for years: I must say that does something particularly gruesome :-)
    I have one nice hat made on black cardboard and one on velvet and I like more than the cardboard one, is an excellent figure.

  4. I've been wanting to do the Mad Hatter's hat since watching Alice in Wonderland! Like you, I often have trouble taming the glue but it is certainly just the right size and Mr. looks like he likes it.


  5. He's a lovely Skeleton with such a nice expression, and the hat is certainly the hat of a dozen pooping ravens ... But it suits him :) I agree with Flora, it looks somewhat disinterred, which is perfect!

  6. I think he's such fun! I like the description of 'disinterred' to describe him, perfectly suitable - and I'm sure that hat was his favourite when he was alive.

    By the way Ira, he didn't die from eating "nadas" did he?????

  7. Ira, I almost never throw away the things I have done as well, including failed!

    I think the hat is perfect! If not for the glue, it would have been like a real new hat, no flaws. Now, the glue just gave it history and a story. Well done, glue and well done, you:).

  8. Shoot, all my comments have dissappeared somewhere :(

    So, lets start again. Ascension, yes, he's really nice, I got him from US, but I'm still looking for a skeleton that can bend all the joints, this guy is a bit stiff :D

    Glenda, what are you upto now??? Raveny thing sounds really interesting :)

    Flora, I have to try to do one with the velvet if it would be easier to work with.

    Jody, I think that spray glue would work the best, I have to get some as I just used the last can. And I love the mad hatter hat, it's so nice, should try to do one at some point :D

    Disinttered indeed :D Well, I'm good in doing disinterred items :p And Norma, you never know, you never know :D

    Sans :D With my glue catastrophe I could fill a grave yard with hats, should I next start one :D

    Jody, thanks :)

    And now this comment better stay here in the blogland.

  9. Grrrrr...... Once again 'lost' a comment, even though I double checked this one. I must have forgot the verificationword again. Before Blogger used to scroll down to the verificationword automatically, but for some irritating reason it doesn´t anymore.

    What I tried to say before: I love the anorexic Poe, and I guess he´d been sitting a looooong while on the bench waiting for his lost love or?

    Ira, you managed to make me curious of Poe. I´ve never read any of his works, but think it might...

  10. I have to agree with all that'd written the comments before me - The hat looks perfect on the head of you great sleketon Ira! :)

  11. Thanks Annie and Nina :) I'm actually getting to like my skeleton quite a bit, he's having fun popping around places. I've always said that I won't have any dolls in my houses, but I might an army of these skeletons, he's just so cute :)

  12. I'm sending a raven accessory which your anorexic Mr Skellington here is sure to enjoy! :)

  13. Glenda, really can't wait as I don't have a clue what you're talking about, so postman, hurry, hurry :) And I love Mr. Skellington, that's a fab name :D

  14. He's lovely and it's a cool hat he's wearing :-)