sunnuntai 23. toukokuuta 2010

Some garden pics first :)

We had yesterday a huge thunderstorm and it's been raining since, now we got the bad weather here in Finland. But the good thing is that I finally got the greenhouse cleaned as there's too hot in sunny days.

I'm so late this year with the greenhouse and the cold winter has killed so many plants - it looks like both my wisterias and grapewines have died, I'll give them still a couple of weeks to show some signs of life. I got today planted 3 tomatoes and 1 zuccini and sew some lettuce, onion and radish seeds. Still have to find some cucumber seedlings somewhere and forgot to buy the beans and peas.

We'll have this year tons of apples as we have 5 trees. Two years ago we had to shovel them off the lawn and I slipped many times because of them. The trees are so pretty as they flower right now.

I've finally gotten most of the weeding done, 3 flower bed to go anymore - and then start all over again :D This summer I have to try to do my potager ready and some gravel paths on the garden.

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  1. Blossom is always so cheerful!!
    Nice glasshouse - sad that the vines may have died, I'll keep my fingers crossed that they haven't.