lauantai 22. toukokuuta 2010

Today's few minies

I've been mostly planning today how to do the Poe house and what to do for the walls. Got the stairs painted and should have now a floor plan ready. And today I won in Wendies give away this wonderf Mr. Sleepy Head pumpkin and as he's such a sweet looking little pumpkin, I have to do him a withcy house to live in - yes, another house :D But I'll keep this one small or at least try to :D

I went today to see if there would be any nice fabrics for minies in the store and found some. Here's a small carpet that I made for Sonya's kitchen:

If someone else wants a carpet like that, just say so as I have enough this fabric for many carpets :D

And upholstered a chair, not pro stuff but I'm happy to the result

The color is actually this dark burgundish lilac with pale golden beige and red stripes. I added a blanket to the arm rest. So, kind of country style, don't you think? What about you Sonya? Would you mind if the chair would move to Italy?

Good night to you all :)

7 kommenttia:

  1. El sofa te ha quedado muy confortable, se debe de estar comodisimo en el y el detalle de la mantita queda genial, que maravilla poder hacer esas preciosidades.
    besitos ascension

  2. The fabrics are pretty effective for what you have used them for :).

    That carpet fabric can also be made into cushions, bedspreads etc. :)

  3. The sofa looks so cosy...I think that Italy will be a good home for it :)

  4. Yesterday was pretty bad and I could had written nothing. Even today goes better, I must have caught a tail strike flu :-(
    I received your package, all beautiful. Soon publish photos of the objects placed in its place :-)
    Thank you endlessly not only for gifts but as you are.
    P.S. Everything he did you do for Sonya is very good and she will be happy

  5. The arm chair is really beautifull....please let us see Mr Poe on it!!!
    I'm curious!!!!:-))

  6. Pretty minis!They would be perfect in country house!