torstai 20. toukokuuta 2010

Getting Sans's gift ready :) And welcome :) And thank you for all my followers :)

Today I've been so tired and full of scrapes after weeding the garden among the rose bushes I didn't feel like doing any major construction work so I decided to get Sans's Maharadja-gift ready :) So I did this parrot stand, filigree bowls and a beaded curtain that jingles when you move it. Hope you like them Sans :) And sorry again for the inferior picture quality, not enought light here.

And welcome to new followers, Brujita and rmartedal, nice to have you both here :)

And I seem to have 150 followers now, amazing :) Thank you all so much for showing interest to my ramblings and mini building, I truly appreciate your company :)
Here's a flowery greeting from my garden today to you all wonderful people :)


10 kommenttia:

  1. Der Papagei ist Sieht ja toll aus Auf seinem Ständer ... klasse gemacht.

    Liebe Grüße Puno / Monika

  2. Great little treasures! Love the parrot and your blooming garden!:)

  3. I congratulate you not only for the 150 followers (deserved!) but above all for your wonderful work and your generosity that pours all over the world with unparalleled grace. Sans will be happy as I am and the many fortunate people are to know and love you.
    Your flowers are the mirror of your soul :-)

  4. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!

  5. I don't think words can describe my appreciation. I marvel at you :), the garden, your own houses and still have time for little old me :). All these pieces are obviously made or chosen with a lot of thoughts and care ad I love and will treasure every single one of them. That beaded curtain must have taken you ages. You seemed to be able to read my mind. I was thinking of curtains a lot lately.

    I just want to let you know that your generosity has inspired me to do something I haven't done in months :). You will find out soon what that is :).

    In the meantime, what I am making for you, despite being quite small and easy , involves painting paper and then varnishing it which will take a few days. But they should be ready for the post by next Monday :). It is Thursday morning here now. Maybe if I can help it, it'll be tomorrow.

  6. Flora, thank you for your kind words :) And thanks to all of you :)

    Sans - you're a sweet pie :) And I wait to see what you've have started :) And your making me so curious, painting paper, varnishing it???

    Waiting eagarly :I

  7. Sans is avery beautiful woman, ans she is very lucky to receive those gifts.
    Love the parrot!! It is my favourite ;)
    But also the filigree bowls..I am sure that will look perfect on her palace.
    Congratulations on the 150th followers, well deserved ;)

  8. ¡Que barbaridad! todo lo que ha hecho despues de trabajar en el jardin,que por cierto debe de ser precioso.Me encanta el soporte para el Loro y la cortina es muy original,felicidades y enhorabuena por tantos seguidores,saludos

  9. Ira, I know that Sans will be happy with your gifs. I always think that mini community is an amazing bunch of people. As much as Eva, I love the parrot most of all. And your tulips, some of my best loved flowers. Rosanna

  10. Pero que maravilla, estas que no paras y encima todo te queda precioso!!!!!!
    besitos ascension