sunnuntai 9. toukokuuta 2010

Today's minis

Here's the little I did today, the staircase railing and a teddy bear and a bunny.
You can probably guess from the colours that they toys are not going to stay in the house but are a small gift to someone - should I say to whom?  They are for Flora to accompany some soap in the post package, hope that you like them for your nursery :)

The instructions for the teddybear came from this wonderful blog by Anna

11 kommenttia:

  1. Very nice and the toys are so cute, will check out Anna's instructions, thanks Ira.

  2. I am sure Flora will love them. They are so cute.

  3. Love the railings.
    And the bears....gorgeous and these are your first try? So clever.

  4. They were really easy to do, I just can't find fluffy enough chenille pipe cleaners so that the wire won't show trouhg at some places.

  5. So cute! I will try by myself, thanks Ira for sharing!

  6. Ha ha ha :-)
    I'm always the last to know things!
    You are a genius of miniatures, and very generous, thanks! I am wondering if their color shock will cause reactions in the small Edward, Victorian child who lives in the nursery of Villa Elisa and not accustomed to such news :-)

  7. They are so cute!!! Love the bunny!!!

  8. Flora, I'll make some brown for Edward so he won't have a shock :D

  9. Pero si has hecho mas animalitos!!!!!
    Quedaran genial en la habitacion de los niños.
    Son una preciosidad y los colores me encantan.
    besitos ascension