keskiviikko 26. toukokuuta 2010

Mr. Sleepy Heads greenhouse

As I have to wait for some construction material with the Poe and Toscana house, I started with the witchy greenhouse where Mr. Sleepy Head will live :) Here's how it looks like now:

I still need to make it more worn and dirty, this is result of 4 layers of different paints.

Here's the stone floor, it's real stone, still have to grout it.

The other short wall will be stone wall with a fireplace and chimney and in the other end will be the door, I have to take the glass to be cut smaller. I think that I'll watch some Harry Potter tonigth to get some inspiration. I'm also thinking of making a small walled garden around the greenhouse.

Now off to a football game - my kids have too much hobbies!

Edit - Here's a pic of Mr. Sleepy Head, it's wonderful work of Wendy :)

8 kommenttia:

  1. WOW it looks great!!!!!!!!! Where in the world did you find real stone?

  2. Ira,
    your work looks great.But who is Mr. Sleepy Head and what kind of house is it?
    You talk about H.Potter but I don't remember a character with this name!
    Your pack is arrived today.I have not words.The arm chair is spettacular!
    I'll post the fotos soon!

  3. Catherine, thanks :) The stones are from here really nice thin ones that are easy to work with.

    Sonya, I posted a pic of Mr. Sleepy Head :) And good that the postman was fast :)

  4. The little Green house looks great and the stone is just perfect..xx

  5. I have read the pic about the house (misures) but I don't know Mr.Sleepy Head.It he your creature or is an Halloween traditon?
    Sorry but my mind doesn't remember!
    I suppose this will come an terric house :-O

  6. Sonya, I think that Mr. Sleepy Head is just a Wendy's own creation, just a cute little pumpkin with candle in his head :)

    I'm bit tired you can tell, I just left and came back as I realized I was going to pick up my son 1 hour too early...

  7. Ira, get some rest please! And don't forget to picku up home all your children;) The little house looks great! I love the colour and the ideas of chimney and wall! The stone wall is fab!

  8. The greenhouse looks so much better with 'wood' walls. And the stone is a lovely colour.